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Zencore is advertised as being a fast acting, safe and effective male sexuality formula. Its formula reportedly contains popular extracts, like Epimedium and Yohimbe Extract. This formula’s use of erection enhancers and aphrodisiacs has been discussed on rating sites and blogs, which some say do a great job of letting consumers know which products are effective and which ones aren’t.

Zialipro – A Natural Enhancement Boost Instantly
Zialipro is the top rated male sexuality formula with consumers, and it has the testimonials and Blog posts to warrant it. When you check them out, you'll notice that men are very enthusiastic about the fact that this formula offers them long term and immediate results that they can see and feel. This is the one formula that delivers results naturally - whether men are having sexual issues or they just want to boost their own, and their partner's performance. Zialipro's formula contains all natural extracts from around the world, procured from the best growers, so that users get a results driven and focused formula. Zialipro is a winning combination of ingredients and an amazing proven track record. It really is a no brainier. If you read only one review and subsequent Blog posts, this is indeed the one! Take a look for yourself, users really do tell the whole story about Zialipro. Learn More, Read The Full review of Zialipro here.

Flex Belt: Fast and Complete Core Toning
The Flex Belt® has achieved "legend" status in the fitness market with consumers because it consistently delivers flatter, more toned and stronger abs – fast! Let's be honest, you just feel sexier and more attractive when your core is in shape, it's really that simple, but who has time to devote to core training? Now you do, because The Flex Belt® delivers! It looks a lot like a workout belt, and it goes on the same way. Once it's on, you set the program and intensity levels, put your shirt back on, and do your thing. The Flex Belt® works the upper and lower abs, along with the oblique muscles - it does all the work for you! Sounds like "a dream story" right? Well, it's not, The Flex Belt® uses a proven medical grade EMS technology to get your muscles to begin contracting and releasing on their own. The Flex Belt® even has an FDA clearance under its belt and has performed remarkably well in studies on one hundred of user. Even star Athletes, like Jerry Rice, use it too! The Flex Belt® delivers time and time again – check out the before and after pictures submitted by users on the official website and be sure to read all the stellar Blog posts here, so you can see for yourself just how amazing this product truly is. Learn More, Read the Full review of Flex Belt here.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

VisagRelax Plus -- Proven To Boost Libido and Size
The VisagRelax Plus™ supplement may very well be the answer to many men's difficulties in the bedroom, and the reports in the Blogs seem to agree. VisagRelax Plus™ can provide a wealth of sexual benefits to men who may otherwise be struggling with lack of libido and over all size. We like that the VisagRelax Plus™ formula is proven to work and is even wholeheartedly recommend by Dr. Steven Lamm. Unlike other products, VisagRelax Plus features precise blending of the active herbal ingredients, which ensures this product can provide dramatic results without a prescription. The high quality ingredients are what set this supplement aside from other male enhancement products on the market. With VisagRelax Plus we feel you can be confident you are using one of the best natural sexual enhancers out there. Read our review and check out the Blog to see what people are saying about this proven enhancer! Learn More, Read the Full review of VisagRelax Plus here.

Semenax – Orgasms the Way You Want Them
Semenax is a one of a kind sexuality enhancer that is designed to do just one thing and do it well. It works to provide men with larger, more intense ejaculations. Men who take Semenax are looking for a formula to give them orgasms that feel really amazing, and ejaculations that not only are bigger, but which last longer. According to users' posts, this is exactly what it delivers, time after time. While it's not designed to provide men with enhanced libido or erectile function, it can be used along with effective aphrodisiacs like Zialipro to provide a full on sexuality boosting effect, but it's great on its own too! This formula comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so it's easy to try. In fact, right now you can even try it risk free for 60 days. Like we said, Semenax has performed exceptionally well with users, and you can see for yourself by taking a look at their testimonials and Blog posts. Learn More, Read the Full review of Semenax here.

ProExtender – Modern and Proven Enlarger
The ProExtender is perhaps the ultimate solution for men who suffer from a lack of desired penis girth and/or length. This device was developed to provide traction to the penis that is painless and gentle. The traction aspect of the ProExtender allows for the penis to be gradually enlarged on a daily basis. This is not a your fathers old school pump! The end results of using the ProExtender are touted to not only be a larger member, but also a boost in self-confidence and happier sex life. With more than Seventy-Five% of its ratings being positive, this is one product you may want to try. Learn More, Read the Full review of Pro Extender here.

Pheromones – Attract Women Immediately
Nexus Pheromones™ is pure science. This powerful product omits a certain scent that makes women more attracted and drawn to the man wearing them. If you have not tried a pheromones product before, it’s definitely time to step up your game. This product has been proven to work for all users in some way or another. Nexus Pheromones can even be worn alongside your favorite cologne without dampening the effects! Some men use this to help them be more successful in meeting women, and others use it just in casual social occasions. Beyond enticing the opposite sex, Nexus Pheromones™ is proven to help boost confidence because of the heightened level of positive interaction one receives. This is a quality form of pheromones, and their customers like them. Read a Full review of Pheromones here.

GenF20 Plus – Feel Younger
It is likely that many consumers are already familiar with GenF20 Plus as it is becoming the top HGH releaser now available on the market. HGH levels can boost vigor, improve health and even enhance one’s appearance, and GenF20 Plus is fully equipped to ensure that a user’s HGH levels are restored to maximum levels. GenF20 Plus is so effective as it uses a dual-product system that will ensure results are optimized and fast-acting. The end results are gains in HGH levels, which in turn can impede the hand of time so that users may feel that they are in their 20s and 30s again. The blog posts are very positive on this product. Learn More, Read the Full review of GenF20 Plus here.

Flex Arms - Stronger, More Toned Arms Now
Flex Arms® is a product designed by a company who makes a variety of effective muscle toning machines. This one also uses the proven EMS technology, to strengthen and train the muscles of the arms. The electronic technology is medical grade and FDA cleared, lending the Flex Arms® some serious results. People who have used this product have seen results in just weeks. They simply put the Flex Arms® on, turn it on, allowing it to strengthen their arms while they relax. This device is a way for people to tone their muscles when they want to. Best of all you can wear Flex Arms® as you go about your daily business. The Blogs and reviews are nearly all positive for the Flex Arms®. Check out what people have to say. Learn More, Read the Full review of Flex Arms here.

Vivaxa - Endurance Therapy Gel for Men
Vivaxa is a topical gel that works to make men perform better in bed. The main function of this gel is to actually increase performance time. Vivaxa offers a solution by soothing over stimulating skin with a targeted delivery system. This gel was designed to provide immediate results so that it is possible to experience results even after the first application. Additionally, unlike other stamina extension gels on the market, Vivaxa absorbs quickly so that it will not rub off and cause desensitization on your partner. They are so confident in their formulation they offer a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Keep in mind it's not designed to amp libido, it does a great job of giving men control over their orgasms, which can be seen in all of the positive customer comments. Learn More, Read the Full review of Vivaxa here.

Stop Grow – Body Hair is Not Sexy
For men, it seems that there is no good hair removal option. Waxing hurts. Shaving creates stubble and requires another person to get those hard to reach areas, like the back and backs of your arms. Now there is a real option for men who want to show off their hard work in the gym and look his best. Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor is a scientifically formulated topical gel that will interrupt the growth cycle of hair that you want to remove. This revolutionary new product allows for targeted hair removal, and Stop Grow was designed to make hair growth more sporadic and the hair itself shorter and finer. Overtime, some men may find that they no longer need to shave or wax at all. If you’ve ever wanted to reduce body hair, this is the way to go. Learn More, Read the Full review of Stop Grow here.


148 Responses to “zencore”

JohnMichael: Zencore Plus advised that you don’t drink when you take it but I love to get drunk which is why I wanted a sex aid so WTF?!

Herbert: USing Zencore did not help wiht my problem of ED. I was still not able to achieve erection like promised, not after 45 minutes, not ever. Wish I would read the review before I bought it because I wasted my money. But hopefully others will leearn that its not as great as it seems.

Verda: I like that Zencore is a natural supplement that is about all I like about it.

LARS: I was worried about the adverse side effects of taking a prescription dick aid which is why I chose Zencore but I also experienced side effects such as headaches with this pill.

Jack: yeah you know 45 minutes seemed kinda long to wait just for a hardon. But what’s worse is it never happened with Zencore.

Ken: I can’t believe there are still selling Zencore, last year they had a recall because of some unclear ingredients.

Chris: It got me hard, after about an hour or so. But it was supposed to be able to last for 24 hours? Never got up again. I guess it DID work, but…

Freddy: yeah i agree, I am pretty sure Zencore was taken off of the market cause I used to take it. I am sure you guys are discussing Zencore Plus. None of them are really good for ED anyway.

aidan: Yeah apparently it violated the law with its ingredients, that is waht i read about the Zencore recall. I don’t think i want to mess around wiht this shit.

Chet: What is the difference btw Zencore and Zecore Plus?

Richie: I don’t want to talk to my doctor about Zencore – that is why I am taking this and not something else like Viagra so I am not going to bring up any issues about my health.

Galen: Yeah so can I take Zencore Plus every day or just right before sex. I guess hwat I’m asking is, is tehre a a way to make it more powerful?

DJ_mass: I wish it didn’t have gelatin in it! Why would you use a herbal supplement and put gelatin in it. Sucks.

christian: I liked the old Zencore before the recall. this new stuff does NOTHING. it’s a pale imitation.

Burt: Just got this to enhance my performacne & it seems to help. My wife doesnt’ know for sure about Zencore but I can tell she feels the difference.

Kadin: I want a pill that I can take, anytime, anywhere, whether I’m feeling good or not, just want sex on my own terms, and this Zencore? I was tired before I took it, feel worse after, and now I’m depressed because it didn’t work. This is all too complicated for me.

Karter: Well, if you think this lasts 24 hours, I’m a monkey’s uncle. I think it lasted for maybe an hour, at most, but that was enough to get the job done, so I’d probably take it again, but maybe next time not drink when I took it and it would be better.

Frank: using Zencore was no different than not using Zencore accept I am spending money I don’t have right now.

Viktor: I think the difference between Zencore and Zencore Plus is yohimbe extract which zencore had and Zencore Plus does not.

Hubert: Thanks guys for the tip. I will NOT go buy Zencore. I tend to stay away from anything that had recall in the past.

average_joe: been taking zencore plus, guess i thought it’d be better than zencore was, i dind’t realize it was off the market, just thought it was an improved formula or something. still not fully satisfied with this either though. whats the best thing for erections, anyway, herbal that is?

Trevor: Didn’t see nothing wrong with Zencore, I was stil able to get it up.

Ray: yeah Zencore Plus should be called “Zencore Minus.” They got rid of the ingredient that made it work, it’s just like those old ephedra pills that all started selling “ephedra free’ after the ban and they sucked.

Emile: If it doesnt work in 45 minutes can I take more Zencore then?

Wilfred: OH so then was it better with the yohimbe? Isn’t that used often for E.D.?

Lachlan: So at least the old Zencore let you know you were alive, and this new stuff is garbage. Seems like as soon as something good comes along, the FDA or some watch dog takes it away, and we’re left with piss poor replacements.

DrZ: Libido, yes. Erection, not so much.

Theo: Yohimbe is an excellent ED ingredient. I dont see why they would take it out.

Alex: Yohimbe is great. We both use it and love how we feel ten years younger. Don’t know about Zencore but sounds like a dud.

patrick: You can’t even drink with Zencore Plus. sorry but i like a beer now and then.

Lamont: And you know what? They’re STILL NOT TELLING YU what’s in these pills! So how can I take them without knowing? I might have a heart attack or something. I mean sex is great, but worth dying for? Guess it would depend on what day you asked me. Better stuff out there, got to be.

Zippy_Zing: I noticed a mild afrodesiac effect with Zencore But it didn’t help me get the kind of erection i was looking for.

Paul: Well so I liked the old stuff, with the Yohimbe. When they took it out, it was just BORING. Switched to Zialipro and have never been happier. I’ve found some great deals on the website,http://www.Zialipro.com/lowprice if any of you want something that actually, uh, works.

michael: You gotta do penis exercises to keep yr member strong. Its just like lifting weights.

Kyle: That’s fucked. I am not doing exercises. Zencore should just work better.

demarco: oh i didt realize Zialipro had Yohimbe.

Dean: Oh give a F. break with your penis exercises it such bull shit that stuff!!

Alec: Wait, are we talking bout Zencore or Zencore Plus? Because I liked Zencore, though I haven’t taken it in a couple a years. Are you saying its no longer avaialble? I am in need of something again…

zed: hahah, fucking-A, Kyle. Exercises are just a way to disguise a product that doesn’t work. Fuck Zencore.

nate: Zencore is no longer available, only Zencore plus, which ironically is MINUS one ingredient. Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a damn good ingredient and now Zencore is nothing.

rudy: huh well then i think i will find something else besides zencore thanx for the review and the chat.

Jason: But is this ok for diabetics taking insulin?

Calvin: Zencore is a strange one, I do not like the product nor the company that sells it. They charged me for much more than shipping and handling and I don’t know how to stop them from sending more of this useless pill.

carlo: i don’t even know what a “penis exercise ” is. what is it? sounds stupid

Homer: Zencore contains yohimbe yes or no?

Ty: DO THey make penis weights or somehting? hahaha

Tristan: Zencore had 0 impact on my sex life. I don’t know what I am going to do. Would love to find something that works, but where?

Ollie: Penis exercises? Really? Do tell all! I want details, man.

Aaron: PLEASE, exercises?? C’mon, guys, what are we, in junior high school? All the “penis exercise” I need is from getting it on with my woman. And Zencore ain’t no help with that.

Hans: Zencore is terrible. Don;t believe the hype. Don;t buy this product.

topher: shoulda did more research first. i always try to find info after the fact. wanted to see if zencore worked for anyone or if i did somthing wrong. yeah, i bought a bad product, that was my mistake.

fred: Zencore Plus doesn’t work at all, its nothign without the Yohimbe.

dave: their customer service totally sucks. I asked for the free trial only , no automatic shipment crap but they sent it anyway and don’t answer the email I sent to get a refund. I’m reporting them to better business bureau!

Tony: Pretty good stuff actually..My girlfriend loved it!

tim: did not work for me at all waste of $

Jeff: This crap did not work at all. It is a waste of money. Learn from my 50 dollar loss…

MG: Ingredients contents should NOT be taken if one suffers from Epilepsy.

Keith: Tried it before the initial recall. Loved it. Now I have been taking Ogoplex, it works great too (great for prostate health). If you prostate is healthy, your blood flow is better…follow me? I bought trial packs of the new Zencore; we’ll see what happens. If I feel weird from the Zencore, I will return to (and continue) taking Ogoplex.

wayne: i used zencore like it said and it worked perfect. can’t beleive all the negative. i take blood pressure pills also if that should make a difference.

gabe: Thx for the other suggestions guys….i need something with Yohimbe, or at least somehting stronger than Zencore…the stuff left me cold. Limp as a dead worm.

zippy: What is the price of this stuff. The web site doesn’t give you a clue.

vince: I’ll never forget my wifes face between my legs when she saw my giant COCK!!!!!!!!! It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Gary: Vince, do you have a naturally big cock, or did Zencore do it for you? My boyfriend has a big giant cock and it makes me self conscious i would like mine to be almost as big so that i can fuck him and he will really feel it. But I dont know if zencore is the answer….although i hear about it sometimes in the gay community. I think what i really need tho is just something that will get me hard.

gb: Excellent

tony: i used zencore i have to say it helped me to get some what hard any way i was able to get the dirty job done

tim: got slightly hard with zencore but not totallly it was still pretty mushy and this was with a new girl which usualy is pretty easy. i masturbated for a while but it never got hard enough to put in. disappointing.


slink: thanks 4 all of the good and bad comments i’ll stick with my smoke

Kevin: I guess I’ll try Yohimbe too, I’ve never tried that. Zencore had no effect on my penis period so i;ll give it a thumb down but thanks for the tip and the blog and all. good stuff.

Bob: I’m not sure it works 24 hours but it works 3 hours, I can personally testify to that.

Todd: First time I took Zencore, it worked okay. I mean, I got hard enough at least, and lasted about maybe 10 minutes. Next time, I couldn’t get it up, not at all. Third time, got it up,and lost it after 2 minutes, no sex. Fourth time, nothing, and I ain’t bothering with this again, it doesn’t work.

Dave: I did get hard, with a little play, just like viagra. But what scared me was after about 45-60 minutes, the lights in my house had a purple glare and I had a hard time determining colors of things. This stuff messed with my vision and THAt is not cool. Sex was friggin GREAT though. Twice in an hour.

Ranchhand: zencore – I called for the “absolutely free” sample, and learned that the P & H was $9.95. I told the guy that was not “free” and hung up.


Zencoreisafraud: Zencore has been banned in Canada due to fraud. I ordered a trial for 9.95, was sent full bottle for 64.02 and they will not refund the money they took right away! Just wanted everyone to know it is just a matter of time before this company sucks the money out of the US and moves on….

jimmy: Zencore made my face flush, made the light glow, and made me defecate. After that I had great sex, and was up for seconds which hasn’t happened in years. But after that I couldn’t sleep and felt groggy the next day. Still experimenting with it, maybe 1 pill is enough.

Drew: Good information here folks, in spite of the decidedly negative slant. Figured I’d post early on in the process. 6′2″ 240lb athletic/ bodybuildig type/ 44yo/ don’t need the help per se, but intrigued by the potential to work on free form testosterone levels in the bloodstream, along w/ other endocrine-based hormones involved in the erection process. Ordered via phone nearly two weeks ago/ haven’t seen the charge hit my card yet, and no product. Will presume the order cycle is extensive (for whatever reason), sales rep was courteous. “Free offer” is not free, S&H apply, and I ws informed the ‘free trial’ product actually comes with an obligatory monthly supply order of other products that auto-renew each month (WTF…) The least common denominator is a one-month supply/ one-time charge of $ 49.99 (I believe… could be a few $$ more)…. plus S&H. Still waiting for the US Mail slow boat delivery. Not impressed with Zencore thus far. Will keep you posted on how this thing rolls out. – zencore

Anonymous: JC: I got great results from the free trial tabs, however I have not felt the same results from the zencore pills I paid for. I feel as though they gave some phony zencore product. Highly disappointed.

Drew: Sent email to Zencore CSR re; order status, going on two weeks without any credit card account activity. CSR responded that, “due to overwhelming response, Zencore Plus tabs are back-ordered 3-4 weeks.” Of course, there was no proactive email indicating this delay. Honestly, I probably would not have placed the order with a month’s back-order. This product better be wort the wait.

John: Zencore took the ingredient out that made it work. One site told me it was a prescription only so they couldn’t use it. Without it they don’t work at ALL! Save your money and try something else.


Drew: This just keeps getting better…. Back-ordered a month’s supply 4 weeks ago, the package arrived today/ Mar24. Imagine my intrigue – flat, small mailing package. Contained 10 pills. $ 49.99 for 10 pills (not including S&H!!). Is this a month’s supply?!?!? This experience has not gone well from the start, the product better damned well work. Contacting CSR – this is nearly 6.00/ pill!!! And this all started with a ‘Free Offer’… Read up top the month’s supply comes in bottle format… there’s obviously been a mix-up (Caveat emptor – unless they figure you’ll have sex on average 10x/ month). Stay tuned, you can’t make this sh*t up… – zencore

Robert: Zencore worked fine for me with the first two orders (10 pack)So then I ordered 90 pills at a cost of 165.00. (three bottles). I was totally disapponted in the performance or should I say lack of performance. I tried on three separate occasions and increased the dosage up to three, the recommended is one to two. I am returning this product and ask for a refund. I feel like I was ripped off and given a placebo. I will say that when I took the pill (the ten pack) I became flushed and experienced a rapid heart beat and I could not sleep. The next pill I took I split in half and it worked perfectly. So, somehow between the 10 pack and the 3 bottles there was definitely a difference in the potency. I will switch to another product and return the Zencore for a complete refund..

Steve: Yeh, I was sent a month supply ( TEN PACK ) for a total of $79.90 !!!! including S&H…I got hard alright and often…but…thought I was in the twilight zone with the side affects..couldn’t sleep and felt hyper and weird !!!scary – zencore

thomas: Its the best! i sure got it up

Gary: Zencore is a rip off. Don’t waste your time or money. The product is’nt worth two cents.

Denny: I failed to heed the warning re hi blood pressure. I have elevated blood pressure and foolishly took a chance. Within minutes I broke into a sweat, experienced dizziness, and a necessity to pray to G-d, which is not something I usually do. I wanted only to survive the night and wake up in the morning. I never once thought about sex or a hard-on: survival was my only goal. Of course, I will never use it again. I am going back to Levitra.

Dan: Damn, this stuff works. First time it felt like my blood pressure went up a bit but I didnt check it. Reality and meddically you cant tell or feel what your blood pressure is which is why they call it the silent killer. At age 55 this little purple pill works great!! I only take one and not the two as they suggest. Taking one, I can get hard again and I can have sex a second time with in about 15 minutes, just like when I was horny and in my twenties. It is harder than ever before and actually looks bigger. My wife is amazed and cant keep up. I told her I needed a girlfriend, just joking, to my surprise she agreed and now the three of us are having the best sex! Wish I had gotten the Zencore years ago. My wife wishes we had the girl friend years ago, so in closing remember the key to a relationship is communication, Zencore, and a hot third partner!!

marlonrdodds: when i took zencore, i got it up the first couple time,s within about 45 minutes, which was good & so i kept taking ti. could only last for one round, but better than nothing. was really expecting to get more from the dose, but i did only take one pill not two. maybe if i took more it work for longer & faster but am not sure, might look for a different pill, since this bottles cashed anyway.


Jose: The sample pills in the flat package worked OK except for the flushing and shakes; the new pills are a total waste. – zencore

1nastyboy@cableone.com: I took two of these so called male sexual enhancing pills and almost called an *mbulance. My blood psi was through the roof, my eyes looked as if they were bleeding through my retinas they became so blood shot. I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack and I am a very healthy(29 YEAR OLD!)man. This product is not worth the packaging it was shipped in. Being that I only used it to try to get an extra boost, I wondered,”Is that awful dying like feeling the effect it has on someone who doesn’t realy need to take it?” So knowing my dad has certain issues in the bedroom,(he makes everything, everyones business)I told him about these extraordinary, worthless, but very expensive pills and he actually wanted to try a couple(despite my less than stellar review of the product). He said that he had heard about them on the radio and had already been thinking of ordering them. Well, to shorten this up a bit he never ordered any and had similar side effects to the ones I had after taking the two I gave him. Zencore seems to get the blood pumping fiercely to every part of your body except the part you’re aiming for. Zencore is a God-awful product and I can’t even believe they are aloud to sell it let alone make a profit from it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are in the news soon explaining why there product is killing off poor old impotent men. I thought it was going to kill me off.-cr*pcore-

jeff: Took one pill and within 30 min got a massive headache. Almost wanted to go to ER but would have been to embarrassed. It’s been almost a week and I still have a bad headache although it is subsiding some. I am worried there is some permanent damage. Very d*ngerouse product wish I hadn’t taken it.

Brian Marsdon: These idiots will do anything for a buck. And are too stupid to be ashamed. Kids listen to the commercials.

"Hungry": I wish I had visited this “Site”, before I had purchased “Zencore”. I definitely, would not have ordered it, after reading all of these comments, which are 80%-90% negative. I heard about “ZENCORE”,not “ZENCORE PLUS”, while listening to the “Trucking Hobo”, on WLW AM (700 on your dial). Cincinnati, Ohio. The Company, in the document sent to me, said I am receiving “Zencore Plus”, but the packet and bottle lables said, “Zencore”, period. I am 75 year old man in excellent health. Some of the medications, I am taking, have side affects, causing sexual dysfunction. “Zencore”, as advertised, claims to be a male enhahancement dr*g. It did nothing for my erectile disfunction. Instead, it caused me na*sea, ch*lls, the sh*kes,and in general, a very weird feeling. The document says “Zencore” is 100% guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t completely satisfy me, I can send it back for a full refund(less shipping and handling)-no questions asked. This is what I am doing, sending it back for my full refund. If they do not reimburse me, I will go to the “Better Business Bureau”, with my complaint. But, I think, because of all of the problems they had with this, they will give back my money.

helpdying: I tried it twice the fist time I took 1 and nothing…so next time i tried 2…bad bad bad idea it shot my bl*od pressure to 189/118 and pulse to 121…took 4 hrs to regulate and I’m glad to be al*ve…I’m a healthy 42 yr old and have never had bp problems…you decide…I will eat a bullet b4 i put it in my body again!!! – Zencore

pr: the product makes you feel like it has yohimbe in it.the after effect is not worth the desired effect.

KEN: Zencore is a joke. It did nothing. I followed the directions to the T and had no improvement at all. The guy on the phone told me all kinds of things that it would be a 100% improvement to my sex life, ha, what a joke. Save your money, this is a total waist.

rays: the whole company sucks they need to be sued anyone want to with a class action l*wsuit. They are crooks

Hondo: Zenccore Plus2 has Yohimbe Extract acording to the back label. Stuff is crap, was with a beautiful woman, no booze and it would not stand up. Dissapointed!!!

mat: Took Zencore plus about two years ago and it worked okay. No side effects but it was damn expensive, compared to Cialis with my health insurance benefit. Well my company changed our health insurance and the new insurance company won’t kick in as much as the old insurance company. So, I was looking for something a bit cheaper. I remembered Zencore and went to the GNC and bought some, but I didn’t see that it was Zencore plus 2. Zencore plus 2 has Yohimbe. Stuff damn near killed me fl*shing, r*d eyes, felt like my head was going to expl*de plus a h*art rate well over 120 for about two hours. If my h*art rate hadn’t started to slow down I was going to the ER. Scared the hell out of me. Its been 48 hours after. I am just starting to feel normal again.

fred: I am so SICK of your “size matters,size matters, size matters” commercials that I will NEVER buy from you!!!!!!!!!! Did some research — zencore is a sc*m and is actually bad for you! Expect l*wsuits and total removal from market. in short — zencore SUCKS!!!!!!

Ty: ZencorePlus is more than awesome. So much so that the last two times I’ve taken one, I was awake for a total of 27 and 36 hours, respectively without any hint of sleep. Totally alert and excitable when the situation arose over 48 hours. Tremendous sex, probably more than she wanted. Eyes were red, and heart rate was rushing. Cannot take any other medicines when it’s in you system.

Waldo: Don’t know what I was thinking. Tried it once: got ch*lls, sweating, visi*n problems and head*che. T tried it again: same results plus had the sh*ts next day. Had sex the first time, there was no pleasure either time. Zencore doesn’t care if I get a hard-on or not. They got me to pay a rediculous price for garbage, they will sell my name and personsl info to anybody who will pay. I just hope I can get them to not ship anymore without a big hassle. Although I am pissed enough to really get into a fight. In fact a little note to the State Attorney General will be fun.

wildbill: I, too, wish I had come here first. Ordered spontaneously over the phone thanks to the radio ad. should have checked it out. the CSR was very nice, but pressured me into taking trials of two out of three non related marketing products. started the call excited. ended up just getting pissed listening to one sales pitch after another. received the 5 (2/pack) packs in about a week and a half. About 40 minutes after taking one pill, BP shot up to 160/110 and he*rt rate was 125 and remained that way, off and on, for about 6 hours. Felt like I was going to pass out. Had no desire for sex because of it. Still forced myself to do it after about 8 hours. Had same or smaller (felt cold) erection as usual. Lasted less time than usual. Called the next day to be taken off the monthly system. They didn’t even ask me why- probably because they know. Don’t waste your money.

Keith: They sucker you into a free trial, offer you 10 doses for postage, ha? Send you 2 tablets instead and the stuff is crap. Felt horrible for hours and it did not work at all. Save your buck and your health, do not touch this stuff!!

paul S: After the cold sweats, stomach *che, dizzyn*ss, naus*a, you sure as hell are not going to feel like having sex. REALLY BAD PRODUCT!!!

pete: Called for free sample they tried to sell me 129.00 worth of crap after canceling i received seven harr*ssing calls from them.TheySuck.

Joe: This is the worst stuff in the world! Only an idiot would fall for this fke sh*t. Are y’all THAT ignorant? This stuff is FAKE — UNDERSTAND?

Willie B. Hartigan: I took three of these to see what would happen. I thought my e*es were going to pop out of my head. I had a ballpark frank that was popping bigtime

mark: I dont know why all the negative. I still love it! MY GF LOVES IT! I’m HAPPY! IF you are on BP MEDS DON”T TAKE ANY HERBAL SUPPLEMENT YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT!

gbb: A bad product, and will make you *ll.

Pete: Heard all the hype on the radio so gave it a try. It did nothing for my ED but did send my blood pressu*e sky high and my hea*t *ate up to 121. This is bad stuff. Don’t try it.

Jason: I took this crap about 2 hours ago. This is the worst stuff ever. Its diffucult to type because im sh*king so much. I just finished thr*wing up. I got the hick ups. Im hot then cold,messed up mood, I so regreat taking this cause im not sure how long it will last. I havent even thought about sex. Only thing i thinkin bout is surviv*ng this. I just want this done with. My whole night is completely ruined and im pissed. leave this stuff alone. Its bad bad bad…

JR: Warning: I am athletic 34 year old and have wanted a boost in the boner dept…My normal he*rt r*te is 70-80bpm…Sky rocketed to 150bpm for 3 hours almost went to hospit*l. I never experience *nxiety *ttacks and nearly freaked the F out..Stay away…ps is 1am and I am still up cant sleep and have to work at 6am..

Joe: This stuff is complete garbage…..!!! It felt like I just downed an eightball of garbage blow: Shak*s, sw*ats and did nothing for the Big Guy……!!! Close this phony scam down……!!!


Gonzo: Garbage…made me s*ck for 12 hours thought I was going to d*e!

William: Guys, seriously you can contact me if you wish, And my girlfriend will attest to it, I had serious problems after a back injury, Zencore does work, it does work, I have been using it for a month and it gives me a massive rock hard erection. Only thing is I have to deal with feeling flush and also even if I come 2 or 3 times, I am awake all night with a headac*e and jitt*rs because it wont go away, till the next morning and usually after drinking water all night and then eating a heavy breakfast. It also speeds up my metabolism so much that within the hour I go to the bathroom and everything is gone. I urinate alot..I know this sounds horrible but I am learning to accept the great 3 to 4 hour sex I am giving my girl, just hope it doesnt k*ll me one day. Its sucks that guys have to go through this shi*t, because girls demand it. until something better comes along I am sticking with Zencore for now.

michael: wow what a interesting 24 hrs! I am a dr and should know better! DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT! 12 LONG HRS OF M*SERY! J*TTERS ,HEART PALP*TATIONS, FLUSH,HEADAC*E,trust me this product will not stay on market. dont be a statisti*…………..

Butch: Wish I had found this site prior to trying Zencore Plus. It did seem to heighten my senses a bit, but at the cost of chill*, and *tomach up*et. No appreciable effect of strength of erection at all.

Mike: Thought I was going to di*. Sw*ats, h*art palpatati*ns. Almost dialed 911. This stuff is garbage. – Zencore

Rich: These people are crooks. The sales rep told me she would send me two bottles of Zencor tabs for $9.95 plus shipping. They ended up sending me a tube of rush, which didn’t work, and one bottle of pills, which didn’t work. They then charged me $29.95. I called the customer service number and was told I could not be given the money back, even though a complete money back guarantee was promised. Bottom line…THIS PRODUCT IS WORTHLESS.

rik: Fortunately I only bought 2 pills from a vitamin store for about $8.00. It does not work at all.

X: Why the hell does the governm*nt allow a company that was selling a product that contained dang*rous ill*gal ingredients to stay in business? You have got to be kidding. This is a scam. But worse, it is a DANG*ROUS scam. The people at this company should be in jail. – Zencore

Gary: GENTLEMEN, DO NOT TAKE THIS!! I couldn’t believe I could get so s*ck from taking something such as this so I tried a second taking it. I’m fairly educated so I decided to cut the amount in half the second time as the capsules do open. I can say 110% that even at half the amount this product is danger*us and my experience should be told. After the 45 to 60 min. it takes to get into the blo*d stream I quickly and noticeably started getting very c*ld ch*lls my temperature was almost exactly 1 degree below normal which is odd that I had such a c*ld spell. I went to take a shower as I thought it would make me feel better. This was a mistake and if I was in my right mind frame I would have just tried to rest. I was sweating like I never have in my life. It was dripping off of me like I was a human faucet (no exaggeration!) I held onto the porcelain god for a good 20 min trying to make myself puke. Yes, I noticed my eyes were bloodsh*t as well. This is bad bad stuff guys please tell your friends so t

Rocco: Verybad side eff*cts! Flush*ng, nasal disch*rge, dizz*ness, overall horrible feel*ng..plus, really weird..4 bowel m*vements in past 3 hours..all this plus zero erectile effect…my opinion stay away!

Diego: Do not take it!!!! First, whan you call the sale person they lay to you about the zencore plus side effe*ts and racomandation. They promise a fast delivery 3 days, but come in 8 days, for 19.95 dollars?????? And at the ednd doesn’t work.

Rob: I have to agree with Gary. This made me violently *ll. Cold swe*ts. Horrible stom*ch p*ins. Unable to sleep for a whole day. Thought at one point I was going to have to go to the hospit*l because my he*rt was racing so fast….. Stay away. Feel it is very danger*us!!!

Rick: Do not take this! I took my first pill at 6 PM on Friday night……it is now 5 AM Saturday morning and I have not been able to sleep, I have ch*lls, and the sh*ts really bad. Been in the bathroom all night. I have the cold swe*ts and can’t get warm then I cover up and I’m hot. This stuff is terrible. I am about to thr*w up. I can’t believe they sell this stuff. I just hope I get to feeling better soon or I’ll have to go see the doc. GUYS DO NOT TAKE THIS!!! Oh, and it did nothing for my erection nor do I have any interest in sex right now.

Miguel: I don’t understand why it its not working out for u guys it worked for me. Within 45 minutes it was on lasted hours it was so hard it could of gone threw a brick wall


Dennis: BEWARE OF SIDE EFFECTS: Zencore, does not work so I supplemented it about 2 hrs later will Cialis. NOT GOOD, side effects included sw*eats, lightheadedness, increased h*art rate, and na*usea. The bottom line is the product does NOT work at all. So Buyer Beware.

JSKelly: Are you kidding me? This stuff might have made my dick hard but the side effe*ts were unreal!! Now an ups*t stomach might be one thing but my first experience including excusing myself so I could go into the bathroom and b*rf up my dinner and anything I had eaten or consumed afterward…leaving me feeling REALLY REALLY up for a good lay … NOT! I actually thought it might have been food poison*ng … so I gave it a second try last night … never got around to dinner after a busy day but after the miracle hour was upon me I wished could b*rf and go home to sleep!! This stuff gives getting laid a BAD BAD name…

Wayne: All Zencore has done for me is give fe*er swe*ts and ch*lls and a general unheal*hy feeling

alvaro: I am in the same boat as Wayne. I caught the swe*ts bad, even in the car with the AC cranked. It even actually n*mbed my jhonson. This stuff is garbage. It’s the first product that i’ve purchased that didn’t work.

Peter: I think i was going to d*e, my heart was pounding, this is pure sh*t

ROY: you take atrial,one time offer and they keep on sending it to you and billing you for it. i talked to a sales rep to make sure it was a one tome deal ,, but they keep sending it!!! pisses me off. another thing that pisses me off is that they scan these posts and delete all the really bad ones like the one that I posted. you’ll never see it!!!

guy: garbage, a rip off and very deceptive advertising regarding raido ad’s and price for shipping and handling. will send back for my money back gurantee

lewis: WOW I wished I had read all this prior to paying my 9.99 for the trial! I have been using cialis with mixed results, I am now 52 and really feel the effects of the ed! I need a product that works without all the side effects, I am gonna call tomorrow and cancel that next month crap. When I use cialis I normally take a few asprin to offset the head*che, it helps just want better results OH WELL I thought I was onto something. Maybe I will try it once

gary: what happend to the strips they worked for me the tabs or caps suck

JR: How long ago did Zencore switch to Zencore plus? I bought a sample pack about a year ago and had a diamond cutter all night.

Big D: Last night I had to stop during sex to v*mit like I never did before. Rapid heartb*at was no big deal cause I did not p*nic like a punk.

Not a good idea: oh man.. I tried this last night – one pill about 30mins before leaving work. I began to sw*at, then got the chills. I had a massive head*che and though I was going to p*ss out. I was sh*king and my eyes turned bl**d r*d. I had to drive around for and hour and a half before going home so my wife would be worried. I felt that way pretty all night – could not sleep until 4am. I felt like I was going to have a h*art attack – be careful with this one – I flushed the other 3 pills. Worst than the worst h*ngover or fl* I have had in my life. Sc*ry

AL Dykes: Made me feel awf*l, Bl**d press*re shot up to over 200 over 100. Never got an erection. Scrotum and pecker shr*nk. I threw away the second pill. This is a danger*us drug to take!

Bob: This is the worst natural product I have ever taken. Approximately 45 minutes after taking Zencore I developed a horr*ble head*che and started feeling naus*ated. My h*art r*te went up, my b*ood press*re went up, I had ch*lls and generally felt like cr*p. I later developed excessive na*al disch*rge, had gastroint*stinal problems and could not fall asleep that night. The rest of the pills are in the toilet. Do not take this product!

Sam: Zencore Plus sucks…soft dick no excitement what a waste of $ also made me sick Yohimbe is dangerous

Limpy: It didn’t work, period, end of sex. Gave me a terrific headache and kept me awake all night. Reminds me of my kids.


Zencore is an all natural, herbally based male sexual enhancement formula. According to its developers, it contains some of the most effective extracts and amino acids on the market. They say this hand picked combination can assist users with increasing stamina, sex drive and energy levels. They also suggest that users will experience firmer, harder and much longer lasting erections. Zencore is not a daily supplement; it’s a formula that is designed to be taken as needed. They indicate that if users take it 45 minutes before engaging in sex they will see some amazing gains, and they say it will keep working for up to twenty four hours.

Zencore currently contains the following list of ingredients: Epimedium Extract, Yohimbe Extract Yohimbine Alkaloids, Cnidium Extract, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract, Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and L Arginine.

Zencore contains an interesting mix of aphrodisiacs, like Cnidium Extract and Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, which are included to increase sexual pleasure and stimulation, and erection enhancers, like Epimedium Extract, Yohimbe Extract and L Arginine. However, while these extracts are often categorized, they often provide users with multi level support. For instance, Epimedium Extract, which is also known as Horny Goat Weed, is a well known aphrodisiac, but it has also been shown to be able to increase erections as well. In studies researchers discovered that it could increase blood flow to the penis, as well as being able to inhibit enzymes that degrade erections, so erections can then last much longer and feel fuller and harder.

The same reportedly holds true for Yohimbe Extract, which has been used for generations in Asia to increase sex drive, but it’s also an erection enhancer. L Arginine is an amino acid that is already used by the body to produce nitric oxide, which in turn is used to relax blood vessels so that more blood gets into the penis and erectile function is enhanced. Supplementation with L Arginine has been shown to be extremely effective in this arena.

One pack of Zencore, which contains two pills, is currently retailing for $9.98, but consumers can now buy five packs for $49.95 and get one additional pack for free.

 Final Facts
According to the Zencore website, this product has been through a series of clinical studies and has done quite well in them. In one study, which used a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled model, it was shown to be able to increase erections in a majority of users. For instance, 83 percent of users reported that they experienced firmer erections, while 75 percent said they had longer lasting erections.