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Alden: you know the price was good on Vasorect ultra and it was from the drug store so thats good well also bad because you actually have to look someone in the eye when you buy a penis pill but, um, ultimately I had to admit it wasnt really working. I am drinking red bull instead because it gives you energy and if it contains actual bull junk that might be good also.

Romeo: Wish it didn’t have gelatin!

Basil25: So Walgreen’s sells Vasorect ultra, and that means I don’t have to send away for it and be worried that it will have something weird on the package when it gets delivered, but Walgreens? Since when did they become experts in the sex department? So I’m thinking I probably need something a little kickier, maybe more than Walgreen’s has to offer, so am going to research this more.

Zane: You have to take quite a few of those caps so Vasorect Ultra is not as economical as it initially seems. I think it is a good overall/mental supplement but I am not as yet conviced it is a true sexual one.

Panini_Italia: Considering getting vasorect ultra, found a good price for it. It says it is a sex enhancer but the fist active incredient sounds more like vitamins. How can this have any effects?

Buck_me_up: Wouldn’t want anybody to see me buy this. Can I order it online?

Garth: Helped with my libido some, but not with “function” I am currently looking for something better.Think maybe its worth spending a littel more on something like this.

Kent: Taking 6 pills of Vasorect Ultra a day is a huge pain in the ass, and it didnt even work.

Ty: Cain’t afford Viagra or what ever other drugs around, too much. VAsorect Ultra is cheap and thats good enuff for me.

Gene: WEll, at least it’s got a lot of good vitamins, but that’s about all I can say for Vasorect ultra. I think the pills are making me healthier in every place but the one that matters, and youcan get that with a cheaper plain old vitamin. Don’t bother.

Mark: Doesn’t look like Vasorect Ultra has very good ingredients in it, esp. not for ED. Where’s the Epimedium? Where’s the Yohimbe? This is lacking. I bought it because it was at CVS but it did very little.

Ogden: Hold up, did you say SIX pills? How many times a day do you take them, like one a ta time, 2 at a time, what? I don;t think I could remember to take them all.

Eric: This stuff didn’t work. Thumb down for Vasorect ultra.

leo: yeah man gotta live life on the cheap for now. Vasorect will suffice til i’m in my 30s

Felicity: I used the woman version thought it wasn’t bad. Do you think we would have better result if my husand and I tried it together? Anyone tried that?

Dean_the_mean: Can you buy this at Cosco? I like the formula in Vasorect ultra, and would like to find it in bigger bottles, then it would be cheaper and you have to take a lot of these pills to make it work, or at least I think so. Been taking 6 -8 a day and I think I might need to take more…

Jackson: It’s time to stop kidding ourselves, guys. This kind of vitamin pill is not going to make your dick bigger. Or at least this formula in Vasorect ultra isn’t…there’s got to be a pill out there that will do the job, I’d just like to know what it is!

Bill: So can you drink with this vasorect? I need to be able to drink.

Tim: Time for a change I guess. I mean, you’d think that a pill would put all the herbs and shit in your bloodstream and that it would work, but maybe I need something more direct? Do you think a patch would work better than Vasorect cause with a patch maybe you wouldn’t pee so much of it away.

theo.: This Vasorect product did not improve my desire for sex. It may have helped some with the erection but it also caused a rapid heart beat and trouble sleeping. Overall i didn’t like it.

Big_Daddy: But does this work as well as the Rx drugs , I am still undecided and it looks like there is still some cause for concern with Vasorect Ultra.

Edward: Vasorect Ultra is not half bad. It cheap and has some good vitamins. I feel more potent.

Walter: I used Vasorect for a while til i realized it wasn’t the only sexual enhancer on the block. I decided I’d look around, and i actually consulted this website for information and ratings. I decided to try Zialipro, and I’m very pleased with it (so is she). Thanks.

chuck: Vitamins, shmitamins! I am not going to take 6 pills a day if all i’m getting are vitamins.

Life_is_beautiful: Didn’t have that much expectation so was positively surprised. Brought me closer to my partner.

Lucas: based on what I have read here I do not think I will be purchasing vasorect Ultra. But I do need something…suggestions?

Cyrus: How soon do the effects start wiht Vasorect? If I take it in the afternoon am I gonn a get hard, like at work or somthing?

Osgood_is_good: My wife and I took this together, and it frankly didn’t do much for either of us but make us laugh. At least it was good for that.

Moses: Vasorect was pretty much fruitless, but what can you expect for a 20 dollar supplement from Walmart?!

Hal: Vasorect just didn’t work, end of story.

Michael: Thanks for the comments, good to know the inside scoop on Vasorect!

Sam: Where can I get Zialipro?

Ismael: I read an article some years ago about Vasorect formula helping as a supplement for weightlifting or any other fitness workout routine. You are supposed to take the pills one hour prior to your workout. Doing this, the formula will give you an extra burst of energy so you can have a more effective workout. The article did mention that men who took a dose of the formula before working out actually did get a woody while working out. I guess it just works for some and not for others

patrick: I found that it works well, maybe the others are looking for something a bit more exotic or mind blowing. I want good health of the part of my body and this is working well for me. As we get older the concern for prostate health should be of the upmost importance, if your impotent go to the doctor and have a simple check up.

randy: Vasorect is a joke . It does not work, You will be better off spending the money on Centrum instead.

George: I used this and it works, some others have not given me the same results

dwayne: People might be looking for the blue pill but here we’re talking about herbs and natural products, if you don’t get hard anymore see a doctor or just be more healthy and exercise a little. Vasorect is just a complement that gives you a little boost and it’s perfect for younger people i guess.

George: I tried some other stuff, even cialis; but the one that has been working for me is Vasorect. So far, so good.

alex: realy this is a good stuff

Will: May be psychological, but it seemed to help a little with libido, but otherwise nothing. It does NOT work.

rodo: Does not contain YOHIMBE which is a natural ingredient that the FDA recognizes as one that increases blood flow to the penal area. Look for a supplement with this in it or YOHIMBE alone.

rip: It takes about a month before you get the full effect, but it works, keep taking it

beth: got it for him… Yohimbre made him v*mit, so I searched for more natural ingredients. I like that it had vitamins… how else do you get most men to take them? We figured we’d give it a month… We were both happy with it within a week. Yes it is a lot of pills, but like I said… we’re both happy, and he might even be healthier overall!

Dan: This sh*t dont work Iam kickin someones *ss!!!