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ProExtender – Modern and Proven Enlarger


The ProExtender is perhaps the ultimate solution for men who suffer from a lack of desired penis girth and/or length. This device was developed to provide traction to the penis that is painless and gentle. The traction aspect of the ProExtender allows for the penis to be gradually enlarged on a daily basis. This is not a your fathers old school pump! The end results of using the ProExtender are touted to not only be a larger member, but also a boost in self-confidence and happier sex life. With more than Seventy-Five% of its ratings being positive, this is one product you may want to try. Learn More, Read the Full review of Pro Extender here.

Zialipro – A Natural Enhancement Boost Instantly
Zialipro is the top rated male sexuality formula with consumers, and it has the testimonials and Blog posts to warrant it. When you check them out, you'll notice that men are very enthusiastic about the fact that this formula offers them long term and immediate results that they can see and feel. This is the one formula that delivers results naturally - whether men are having sexual issues or they just want to boost their own, and their partner's performance. Zialipro's formula contains all natural extracts from around the world, procured from the best growers, so that users get a results driven and focused formula. Zialipro is a winning combination of ingredients and an amazing proven track record. It really is a no brainier. If you read only one review and subsequent Blog posts, this is indeed the one! Take a look for yourself, users really do tell the whole story about Zialipro. Learn More, Read The Full review of Zialipro here.

Flex Belt: Fast and Complete Core Toning
The Flex Belt® has achieved "legend" status in the fitness market with consumers because it consistently delivers flatter, more toned and stronger abs – fast! Let's be honest, you just feel sexier and more attractive when your core is in shape, it's really that simple, but who has time to devote to core training? Now you do, because The Flex Belt® delivers! It looks a lot like a workout belt, and it goes on the same way. Once it's on, you set the program and intensity levels, put your shirt back on, and do your thing. The Flex Belt® works the upper and lower abs, along with the oblique muscles - it does all the work for you! Sounds like "a dream story" right? Well, it's not, The Flex Belt® uses a proven medical grade EMS technology to get your muscles to begin contracting and releasing on their own. The Flex Belt® even has an FDA clearance under its belt and has performed remarkably well in studies on one hundred of user. Even star Athletes, like Jerry Rice, use it too! The Flex Belt® delivers time and time again – check out the before and after pictures submitted by users on the official website and be sure to read all the stellar Blog posts here, so you can see for yourself just how amazing this product truly is. Learn More, Read the Full review of Flex Belt here.

Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
Membrane Integrity Factor has HGHR, in its real form - and is one of the most talked about and researched, anti-aging formulas on the European market. Good news, it has finally arrived in the US, creating a bit of a stir with consumers looking to boost their "youth factor". We've all heard about the anti-aging and health benefits of HGH and maybe thought them beyond our reach due to cost. But Dr. Hans Neiper, the developer behind this formula, has taken HGHR replenishing technology out of the lab and made it accessible to everyone. Membrane Integrity Factor infuses the body with HGHR to kick start your pituitary gland into high gear. Enhanced production may translate into feeling more energetic, sexual, and virile, while allowing you to gain muscle mass and lose weight more easily. Hands down Membrane Integrity Factor has done amazingly well with consumers looking to get their vitality back! When you read the Blog posts, and we suggest you do, you'll see for yourself what this formula can deliver. Learn More, Read the Full review of Membrane Integrity Factor here.

VisagRelax Plus -- Proven To Boost Libido and Size
The VisagRelax Plus™ supplement may very well be the answer to many men's difficulties in the bedroom, and the reports in the Blogs seem to agree. VisagRelax Plus™ can provide a wealth of sexual benefits to men who may otherwise be struggling with lack of libido and over all size. We like that the VisagRelax Plus™ formula is proven to work and is even wholeheartedly recommend by Dr. Steven Lamm. Unlike other products, VisagRelax Plus features precise blending of the active herbal ingredients, which ensures this product can provide dramatic results without a prescription. The high quality ingredients are what set this supplement aside from other male enhancement products on the market. With VisagRelax Plus we feel you can be confident you are using one of the best natural sexual enhancers out there. Read our review and check out the Blog to see what people are saying about this proven enhancer! Learn More, Read the Full review of VisagRelax Plus here.

Semenax – Orgasms the Way You Want Them
Semenax is a one of a kind sexuality enhancer that is designed to do just one thing and do it well. It works to provide men with larger, more intense ejaculations. Men who take Semenax are looking for a formula to give them orgasms that feel really amazing, and ejaculations that not only are bigger, but which last longer. According to users' posts, this is exactly what it delivers, time after time. While it's not designed to provide men with enhanced libido or erectile function, it can be used along with effective aphrodisiacs like Zialipro to provide a full on sexuality boosting effect, but it's great on its own too! This formula comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so it's easy to try. In fact, right now you can even try it risk free for 60 days. Like we said, Semenax has performed exceptionally well with users, and you can see for yourself by taking a look at their testimonials and Blog posts. Learn More, Read the Full review of Semenax here.

ProExtender – Modern and Proven Enlarger
The ProExtender is perhaps the ultimate solution for men who suffer from a lack of desired penis girth and/or length. This device was developed to provide traction to the penis that is painless and gentle. The traction aspect of the ProExtender allows for the penis to be gradually enlarged on a daily basis. This is not a your fathers old school pump! The end results of using the ProExtender are touted to not only be a larger member, but also a boost in self-confidence and happier sex life. With more than Seventy-Five% of its ratings being positive, this is one product you may want to try. Learn More, Read the Full review of Pro Extender here.

Pheromones – Attract Women Immediately
Nexus Pheromones™ is pure science. This powerful product omits a certain scent that makes women more attracted and drawn to the man wearing them. If you have not tried a pheromones product before, it’s definitely time to step up your game. This product has been proven to work for all users in some way or another. Nexus Pheromones can even be worn alongside your favorite cologne without dampening the effects! Some men use this to help them be more successful in meeting women, and others use it just in casual social occasions. Beyond enticing the opposite sex, Nexus Pheromones™ is proven to help boost confidence because of the heightened level of positive interaction one receives. This is a quality form of pheromones, and their customers like them. Read a Full review of Pheromones here.

GenF20 Plus – Feel Younger
It is likely that many consumers are already familiar with GenF20 Plus as it is becoming the top HGH releaser now available on the market. HGH levels can boost vigor, improve health and even enhance one’s appearance, and GenF20 Plus is fully equipped to ensure that a user’s HGH levels are restored to maximum levels. GenF20 Plus is so effective as it uses a dual-product system that will ensure results are optimized and fast-acting. The end results are gains in HGH levels, which in turn can impede the hand of time so that users may feel that they are in their 20s and 30s again. The blog posts are very positive on this product. Learn More, Read the Full review of GenF20 Plus here.

Flex Arms - Stronger, More Toned Arms Now
Flex Arms® is a product designed by a company who makes a variety of effective muscle toning machines. This one also uses the proven EMS technology, to strengthen and train the muscles of the arms. The electronic technology is medical grade and FDA cleared, lending the Flex Arms® some serious results. People who have used this product have seen results in just weeks. They simply put the Flex Arms® on, turn it on, allowing it to strengthen their arms while they relax. This device is a way for people to tone their muscles when they want to. Best of all you can wear Flex Arms® as you go about your daily business. The Blogs and reviews are nearly all positive for the Flex Arms®. Check out what people have to say. Learn More, Read the Full review of Flex Arms here.

Vivaxa - Endurance Therapy Gel for Men
Vivaxa is a topical gel that works to make men perform better in bed. The main function of this gel is to actually increase performance time. Vivaxa offers a solution by soothing over stimulating skin with a targeted delivery system. This gel was designed to provide immediate results so that it is possible to experience results even after the first application. Additionally, unlike other stamina extension gels on the market, Vivaxa absorbs quickly so that it will not rub off and cause desensitization on your partner. They are so confident in their formulation they offer a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Keep in mind it's not designed to amp libido, it does a great job of giving men control over their orgasms, which can be seen in all of the positive customer comments. Learn More, Read the Full review of Vivaxa here.

Stop Grow – Body Hair is Not Sexy
For men, it seems that there is no good hair removal option. Waxing hurts. Shaving creates stubble and requires another person to get those hard to reach areas, like the back and backs of your arms. Now there is a real option for men who want to show off their hard work in the gym and look his best. Stop Grow Hair Growth Inhibitor is a scientifically formulated topical gel that will interrupt the growth cycle of hair that you want to remove. This revolutionary new product allows for targeted hair removal, and Stop Grow was designed to make hair growth more sporadic and the hair itself shorter and finer. Overtime, some men may find that they no longer need to shave or wax at all. If you’ve ever wanted to reduce body hair, this is the way to go. Learn More, Read the Full review of Stop Grow here.


146 Responses to “ProExtenderPermanentEnlargementP”

Dustin: Well I never had any pain with ProExtender. Maybe a bit of discomfort at first – you are literally putting your penis in traction, something that is not done every day. But it isn’t painful, & you get used to it. I didn’t even notice it after a few times & think its best to use it when you’re reading or watching TV, not being active like say jogging :)

Brian: Its interesting how the technology of traction works for increasing size. I’m trying ProExtender, hoping for good results!

John H.: I really didn’t think there was a solution to my worries about my penis size, but one day my friend let it slip that he had been using this system for the last few months and was making great progress. In fact, after he started, he couldn’t stop talking about it. After that conversation he had me convinced and I ordered mine the next day, I started seeing results pretty quickly, about six weeks in there was definitely an all around enlargement, by 8 weeks, 1.5 cm in length and about .5 around. It’s now been a little over three months and I am on my way to 2.5 cm. That’s a full inch! They say word of mouth advertising is the best. My friend told me, now I’m telling you (And everyone) the ProExtender is the Real Deal.

Rod K.: I have only been using the device for a few weeks and I am already seeing amazing results. Not only is my penis longer but it is also straighter, something I had hoped for but didn’t expect. This unit not only lives up to its claim but it is a high-quality instrument. I showed my ProExtender to a friend who is a precision machinist and he told me that in his professional opinion the ProExtender is made from high-grade materials and appears to be on par in design, construction, and materials with medical equipment used professionally. Thanks for making a quality product that delivers on its promise.

Jorge: Have not tried out my proextender yet, trying to get some more info on it. Does it hurt at all.

paulT.: As a former pump-user i can say that the Pro-Extender is a lot less painful for me.

Sebastian_IU: R u guys alll taking the pills too, and watching the CD? I’ve jsut started using my Pro Extender, want to make sure I Get the most out of it.

Mark A.: I’ll admit I had some concerns before purchasing the ProExtender; namely cost and comfort. The cost factor was easy to figure out, how badly did I want to enlarge my penis and how much would the alternative surgery cost? The answer was that I really wanted a larger penis, I always have and that alone would be worth the investment. Factoring in the huge costs involved in enhancement surgery and more importantly, the possibility of complications made my decision clear and I ordered the ProExtender realizing that to settle the discomfort issue I would have to try it. After all, there is a money back guarantee. As it turns out, the ProExtender is light, very well constructed and after the initial unfamiliar feel goes away, in my case about 4 days, I hardly noticed it. Sometimes I experience a light soreness but I take that as a sign it’s working, much like the soreness in my muscles after a work out. I’ve been wearing the ProExtender about 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. Again, like working out I feel consistency is the key, and I’ve had amazing results. My Confidence, sex drive, and stamina are all vastly increased, just like the size of my penis, almost an inch in around 6 months. I’m 44 years old, feel like I’m 24 and wish I’d discovered the ProExtender 20 years ago!

Abe: Wearing the device was too uncomfortable & didn’t feel natural. I think I might just try some kind pills instead.

Shawn: So like are others wearing this around town, or just at home, or what? Me just at home so far.

peter_boyz: Semenax that comes with the Extender system is f*cking great. I think it makes you c*m like crazy not like little dribbles but lots.

Bratt_cruiz: I love this product. For me its all about relaxing and the proextender did that for me. It sure seems like i’m getting bigger from this.

Kelly C.: It is difficult to describe to someone who doesn’t know how it feels when you are not happy with the size of your penis. You eagerly read up on every new product on the market, you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on products that don’t deliver. Naturally when I saw that ad for ProExtender, I was a little skeptical, but the more I read, the more it made sense. Especially the reference to the traction method used by tribal people. Studying tribal cultures is a bit of a hobby for me and in some tribes the men have lengthened their penises to an amazing degree. Now here was a chance to apply the same principles with a modern, lightweight, medically approved apparatus. I was sold. The truth us, the ProExtender works. In ten months I’ve added almost an inch in length and half an inch in girth, my erections are hard as a rock and I have increased sexual energy. I plan on using it for at least another year and see how large I can get, it’s so exciting. I really was beginning to think that there was no real solution to my size problem, but trust me, there is. It’s called ProExtender.

Matthew: So, does it make sex better too? I just started using mine.

ken_amour: The Pro Extender is working slowly but surely.

Bob_FL: The way it works reminds me of braces, and the tech is the same for ProExtend…traction makes perfect it’s all the same, and it’s working great for me…

Cuda_truth: I think it’s awesome that it helps with both length & girth!

Walter: Now, I’m not gonna say that it’s not weird wearing this thing, ProExtender took some getting used to for me. After a short while, though, it wasn’t a big deal, and the gains have been worth it, even if just a little bit.

Miracle_puss: Defintely seems like its doin g more than those Extenze pills I had tried before.

evan: Ilike it and also tried the VisagRelax pills with, man they really help make sex more exciting. so much more energy!

Dorian: After I received this, I was afraid my wife would catch me wearing it. I put ProExtender on exactly once because she was always around when I was home & I know she would’ve noticed. And she would’ve been freaked out,I think by this one.

Joe: Here’s hoping it works so well for me!

Jillian: This is where you can see how it works http://www.proextendersystem.com/video

Christopher: So if anyone’s was wondering whether the ProExtender damages your erectile function… I found the opposite to be true, felt my erections got stronger. ROCK ON!

Ira: First time I had this on when I got an erection I was worried it would hurt or pinch or something but it didnt & came off easily. My penis was harder too, si this what most of you are finding from this?

David_Marmelade: Just received my Pro extender and, I can’t wait to get started. I can’t believe how solid that thing is, does not feel like a plastic toy at all, feels serious, kind of like a German car or something. I am impressed.

morgan: so this does help with girth too? because my d*ck is long and skinny. My gf said a skinny d*ck is worse than a short one.

Blake: Def think its working for me…Not expecting to get to like, a foot long or something crazy, but big enough to see a difference would be awesome.


JimShafstall: Yeah, befoee this I had tried Enzyte it did not work. ITs not as easy to wear the Proextender device, as to just pop a pill but, seem to be working better for sure.

George: I saw on amazone just the traction device for $140. Is that just enough. How about a guidance(cd, book)and other accessories. Are they also important?

Luke: The device is the most important part of ProExtender, in my opinion, but I think its probably to your benefit to just get all the other stuff, like the pills. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it rihgt, you know?

Capricorn: Hey Guys I got my Proextender today, but it gave me to much pain as it constricted the blood flow and caused the glans to get blue.. anyone of you guys who got this problem ? it is really annoying because the Proextender wastent cheap!

Riley: For me I just lessened the tension in the beginning problem solved.

Sean: For me the traction was super gentle. it could be kinda tough figuring out how to use it properly the first time… ROCK OUT W/YOUR C*CK OUT!

Capricorn: Thanks For Answering Guys Riley >> Well it isint much of a pain, but the penishead gets blue/purple and cold, like there is no blood comming to it, but maybe i should lessen the tension some more, but then i dosent feel that much of a streatch Sean >> Maybe i put it on wrong, because the Jes-Extender Manual to the Proextender device, bcs f.eks i didnt get the adjustable silicontube, but instead the Comfort strap.. could i be im tightening it to much? i just no if i dont, the head slips out maybe my penishead is not big enough in relaxed condition Doesnt your penishead/glans gets cold when the device is on ?

stan: The ProExtender is the only thing that’s ever seemed to work for me of the things I have tried. I got a bit of slight soreness in the beginning thats normal I guess when your adapting to the traction, i think. It went away and everything was cool after that.

john: what is the difference fron the deluxe proextender and the original proextender

Shane: The Deluxe Pro Extender appears to come in a metal case that makes it easy to cart around.

John: does it really work?

Jules: When I first tried it I had my doubts about this sort of thing but it feels like its def doing something right.

jeremy L.: Am using as instructed and DO notice a difference, also think, its helping my erections a bit as well.

CalvinnotKlein: I have tried the originial proExtenderm plus all the pills & the CD, and feel a difference. Lovin them VisagRelax plus pills too, feels like I get so much harder now. To each his own, but at least know there are options out there that may work.

scott: my length is not the problem, its the girth. after using the proextender did you guys notice a big difference in the girth as well as the length?

anders: Itried a few crappy pumps before & nothing worked as good as the proextender is.

Jim-Bo: I THINK MY girlfreind just can’t get enouf of me now, before i started using the ProExtender, she didn’t always seem so into it. Now seems like she’s digging the new & improved me. hahahhaha

scott: you can use this product for 6 months and return if your not happy. obviously it varies from person to person but how long should it take to get a noticable gain? i dont want to have to use this thing every day for a year and a half or something. please let me know

LancerMan: My 2 cents it’s not like, overnight growth or anything like that, but i’m quite happy with how its feeling. Just wanna be about another inch longer, thats all.

scott: whoever is thinking about buying the proextender but has not already, do it!!! i swear this thing works amazingly. im a college kid so i was worried about spending 400 dollars on something like this but i honestly could not be happier. i have not tried pills or anything else like that but i wont ever. i was worried about girth and after 2 weeks my girth has noticably gained just like it said it would. sooo happy guys

Pauly: Seems like its totally worth the hassle of wearing a device like this, I mean since you do not have to wear it forever if it works!

Kevin: For people still on the side lines… It works! After a month received a quick 0.4 inches in length. Didnt measure girth but growth is definetly noticeable! Its worth the money. U wont find Permanent results like this with pills.

Larry: Well for hardness and stuff i do use pills bcs for me thats the best way of getting the strong erections i use to have, The combination of the 2 is pretty damn good for me. But everbody should just do what works for you…Bottom line: if it works, its all good.

sam: Hi guys , Very important question ,, How many hour I should wear it daily ??, and can I wear it at work with the formal pants since I am working in a bank.becuase my wife will kill me if she knew about it

Sean: Okay, I ordered this thing because the Zialipro and VisagRelax Plus I was using wasn’t actually making my penis any bigger(haven’t measured but I’ve been w/ my fellow since I was born and he still looks about the same to me). In case you were wondering I’ve been using Zialipro for about 5 months now and the VisagRelax plus for about 1 1/2 months and don’t get me wrong the pills are awesome for erection strength(not going soft and such). I wanted a bigger penis so I saw this thing and bought it. I got it yesterday and was thouroughly confused by it at first, adjusting it can be a little frustrating also it’s a spring loaded device in case you were wondering since the website doesn’t really mention anything about that. Anyways, this device is quite angry, the video doesn’t really give you an accurate idea of how the thing works, cuz’ once I put the device to 900 grams of traction(as instructed) it’s literally pulling my flaccid penis further(and I mean a bit further) than my erect penis which is pretty insane. In fact I was a little intimidated by that(sudden visions of my penis getting ripped off) but it makes my guy look like pulled taffy lol. This whole thing about wearing it for 12 hours a day and sleeping with it seems bogus because there is no way I’d be able to wear anything with this guy pulling my penis that hard and I’d be afraid of all the blood circulation being cut off to the head of my penis while I slept, having my head fall off or something horrifying like that. The video says I’m supposed to put it on for an hour at 900 grams traction for the first week which is what I’m going to do, guess I’ll report back in a month hopefully with a more positive message.

Noel_Texas: I was a bit intimidated when i first received the pro extender but after reading the manual a couple of times and watching the video I relaxed a bit and was able to use it. It’s not the most comfortable device in the word, especially the first days but it does not hurt so that good. After a few days it became natural. It’s when i started to see that it was actually working for me that I got super excited. I guess we will never be the size we want, but any longer is pretty awesome I think.

Tommy_German: I have not received any results with proextender.

Rob: Have been using ProExtenDer & like what I’mseeing. Was sick of having a small d*ck, and none of the exercises i ever did helped me any. This one is cool, tok some getting use to wearing it sure but it feels worth it so far.

Dan: After reading the testimontials Im highly considering getting this. Just a few questions though, for long long after using it will the size increase stop? I mean it cant go on forever or else a ton of guys would have wangs that reach the floor. Also it says it comes with VisagRelax and a CD, do I need to use the VisagRelax (meaning buy more once it runs out) to see results? And do I need to use the exercises on the CD, because Ive heard excercises dont work?

sterling77: LOVE the Proextender. DEF RAISED MY AWARENESS, glad to have used this system. ;)

Justin: Does anyone know what the difference is between the deluxe and oringinal extender is? (besides the $100), in other words, is the deluxe worth the extra $100?

Dave: The only advantage to the deluxe seems to be the metal case and the CD that comes with it.

Ashe: In all it’s a pretty solid device. the whole proextender system seems pretty solid, its cool and feels very professional in my opinion.

sam: how mny hours i shall put it on per day ??????

richardsonk: So not exactly fun to wear but hey, the payoff seems like it will be huge.

Jamie: Is it discreet, can I wear it whilst working?

Nedz: Seemed a little awkward at first but am really likeing what i feel from using this.

KyleQ: Was a little doubtful that this was gonna work because I tried everything to make it bigger. But am feeing more confident about it by the day. This is the most professional feeling device I have tried.

Kelly B.: This was my first time trying any penis enlargement product. I’d been thinking about it for a while, checking out all the different products out there and finally decided to take the plunge with something that I could physically see and feel working from day one. The ProExtender isn’t cheap, but it’s a one-time purchase, you have it forever. From the first time I used it, I could feel the ProExtender working and now after six months of regular wearing, have noticeably lengthened and thickened my penis. It’s well made, light, and comfortable; I can wear it almost anywhere. This was my first penis enlargement purchase and it will be my last because believe me, it’s all I’ll ever need.

Aidan: Am using the VisagRelax Plus and semenax pills. For me I think its about the whole package for success, if you know what i mean.

Tony E.: I have been using the ProExtender regularly for several months now and I’m already noticing results. My penis has noticeably grown in length and that’s not the only thing that’s grown. My self confidence is through the roof, as is my sex drive! I don’t know if it’s psychological or physical but I want sex more and can perform way more than I used to. Before, every time I was with a partner it would be in the back of my mind that maybe I didn’t measure up, but now, no worries at all. I can’t wait to see how I look in another six months!

mattheas: yeah so, this thing took some getting use to but is turning out ot be worth it. you know, its just kinda weird, to use this nad also to rememberto use it every day. but i got it into a routine and its no biggie. had no probs continuting to use it,felt more motivated too even. so yeah, i had my doubts but this has proved to be a solid, dependable device its well made.

anon: I wanna be bigger & hoping that this can work for me.

Ray: What’s the longest you can wear this thing in a day? Sun up to sun down? What if you need to use the restroom? Wouldn’t it be rather difficult taking it in and off during the day? Especially in a public restroom…

maxwellsilver: a lot more comfortable to wear than the other extension things I tried before.

K.R.: My girlfriend knows I got one, and she’s excited about it too. She’s the one who m*asures, and every time we do that it spices it up and we have amazing sex afterwards.

doc: I love to stretch !! Olnly thing is I seem to be ejaculating less now. Has anyone else had this problem ?

Darren: this thing really works?

Anonymous: so far so good !!

alvertl: does it work for real?

J: what if u need girth only…like if ur long enough already… but there is no way to get girth only… so u eventurally will get even longer while getting girth a bit? i wanna know what u guys gain on girth…

Anonymous: wasn’t sur if we’d really notice anything from this but happy so far!

T.K.: NOt as awkward as expected, feel like this ProExtender is a real good product.

Darren: good product, see some results

Dean: I have use for 1 month, my erect penis is getting hard and more longer that before. I’ll also c*m in large quantity. This is totally great!!

sadman: is there any guy gain more than 2inch using this prod.cus i have 4 inch when i get hard and wanna get it atleast 6 ince.help please

Marty F: Sounds like the PRoextender is comfortable and works well for gaining in size, from the testimoinals I;ve read. Seems like could be worht a shot.

noel: Looks cool

Anonymous: J, I have the same hangup. I don’t need length, I’ve got pencil d*ck myself (long, but no thicker than the average guy if not less,) so I needed some girth. I’ll tell you, in this first month, I have got nothing for length, nothing at all, but my ‘friend’ noticed the girth the first week after I didn’t and I told her nothing of wearing it. By week two, I could see the girth difference myself. Still no length, but I imagine the lengthening works better for guys that aren’t starting out with all the rods in (just saying to not discourage anyone else.) I have been wearing it like 8-12 hours a day though here to, so it may be working faster than it would otherwise. It totally f-ing hurts after like 2-3 hours, so loosening it up for 5-10 min every 2 hours is what I have to do to keep it on that much. It only takes a second to get that pain gone and the blood back in, and it seems to work out well to the times I have to pee, so i get a break and put it back on. Honestly it totally hurts and it sucks, but it is working wonders. You just have to put it on and decide is the hurt is worth he results– it is for me. I can’t wait to show some other friends what I am working with now and get their feedback. ;)

Jack: This thing definitely works, but here’s the deal, you have to use it consistently. You can’t be one of those d*mb pr*cks that use it once and say “oh this sucks! complete scam!”. The same concept applies when you go to the gym, you get results after putting much time in and you have to keep using it, I’ve had mine for more about 2 years and never started using it consistently until a couple months ago. I’ve already gained almost half an inch in length and getting some awesome girth and much harder wood. Now I’m pissed about not using it from day ONE! I wonder what kind of tool I’d have now if I’ve already noticed some results. So the bottom line is, yes it’s expensive but YES it DOES work and I recommend it to anyone who wants some extra size. Make it part of your daily routine just like you do when you brush your teeth, shower, etc. If you have a wife or a steady woman, tell them about it because if you have to live a life where you feel the need to HIDE the fact that you are using it, then most likely you won’t use it consistently and then it’s a waste of time. It actually makes more sense to let your woman know about it, make it part of your foreplay like I do. I tell my girl “I’m using this extender and every day after I use it you have to have sex with me and let me know when you notice the difference”. See? Slick right? haha. If you are with a chic that you need to hide things like this from then she’s not worth your time anyway. I’m working on wearing it for up to 4 hours a day, I have a buddy who basically wears his all day, not sure how he can do it but one thing is for sure, he apparently has extended his pecker from about a 5.5 inch erection to just under 8 inches and from a pic I saw of it, it looks like a baseball bat, so I’m sure he’s making some women pretty happy, and you will too if you put the time in and make it a priority. Some guys get lucky and God gives em a monster rod automatically, most of us have to work at it so if having a big c(o)ck is your priority then make sure you treat it like a priority or you will get NO results and be a pissed off customer. Ok that’s all I have to say.

ZXc: yes, is good

xzema: no bad

Anonymous: It isn’t an overnight miracle, it requires patience and perseverance. But it does work.

Ed: oh wow, impressed with what I am reading here about the Proextender. Getting under the knife to get a bigger penis is really not an option for me but something like this seems very doable. I see that it c omes with semenex and vigr rx, i read goos things about those two.

Jerome: just need an extra inch or so….i am excited about proextender.

Daryl: Yeah, much better than any other options I’ve seen for getting bigger. The ProExtender looks really cool.

Adam: I ve got patience but i really can’t wait to get rid that crooked penis weird look I’ve had all my life. I read the review and some of the comments about Proextender and it sounds like it was made for me.

William: oh wow sorry man, must have sucked…but having a small d%$k isn’t fun either, trust me. I too don’t really wanna go the plastic surgery road, it’s costly and so invasive so Proextender is a just a wonderul option. Plus i am excited about semanax which comes with the device, i read great things about it.

Gary: Would love to be bigger, looks like lots of guys like ProEXtender, will check it out.

Anonymous: SO you can gain both in girth and length with Proextender correct?

carl r.: ha yeah NO MORE CROOKED D*CK!

BRAD: Not often you find something for increasing length AND girth. Thumbs up.

Vincent: Can’t say I ever thought it was possible to actually increase size, but from the looks of the research on Proextender, and what everyone is saying about it, i’m convinced. This is a device i think is worth investing in.

mitch: was just at the proextender site, glad to know the thing works, but do they have to SHOW it??

Glen: I was reading about Proextender and it’s true that the comparison with tribe ppl using the traction to gradually transform their body makes a lot of sense. I’ve seen pics of ppl with necks that were as long as my forearm almost! So Proextender is basically using the same idea and seriously can;t wait to see the improvement in size, esp length.

Wesley: oh yeah i read the same thing. Like they use traction to enlarge their lips and earlobes, expand the nose….pretty interesting.

Andrew S.: Well, i think you maybe get paid if you give ‘em your photos, after using proextender. that’s pretty sweet. A bigger penis AND extra cash, right on. I’m totally up for the challenge.

Tyrone: whoever still has a small penis after reading about PROExtender deserves to me made fun of! :)

robert J: so how often/long do you have to wear this thing to see any changes?

Anonymous: Traction is an interesting approach, also concerned with comfort. And does it have any sort of impact on sex if you use it right before, or do you need some recovery time, Guess i’ll read through more of the comments, there sure are a lot.


MATT: I am already a decent size, just wanna be bigger, would a device like proextender adjust to my size? I really like everything i read about it so far.

Jimmy: well it comes with semenax so VisagRelax plus so your sex drive should be even stronger form what i understand. but haven’t read anything about proExtender an recovery time.

Lee: what i read is that you can determine your own schedule with the proextender, which is cool, i need that flexibility.

Tony511: Well, c’mon, the thing is making your penis grow – course your gonna feel something. can’t imagine its all good, probably a little sore or what not, but who cares? even an extra inch would be worth it, imo.

rusty: the proextender is supposed to be adjustable, that’s what they say on the website.

MATT: cool thx.

Chad: Yeah, I was reading up on the ProExtender too, guess its not even a big deal if you get an erection with the thing on. Not sure what that’d feel like, but, good to know its no prob.

AnonyMe: ah i was actually worried about the proextender being too big of a device for me! good to know it’s adjustable. Yeah i’m really small :(

steve: so what about those pills you get with proextender, what do they do?

Anonymous: Both of those pills have high ratings here, the VisagRelax Plus is said to be awesome for getting harder, and that semenax, sounds like you shoot more. Pretty sweet combo deal.

Jay: I like that its not a pump.

chris: is a curved penis a common problem? huh.

Samuel: yeah i like that both those natural supplements come with proExtender. Mine is functioning just fine but I would be fun to enhance the experience without having to change girl…

Dale: well, man, we’re all in the same boat. you probably wouldn;t be looking into proextender if your huge.

RALPH: Curving must be common enough that they’ve done research to develop this device. Bonus that its meant to correct that issue AND increase size.

Samuel: well i am not huge, i have no issues getting it up and lasting a long time that’s all. I am actually small, that’s why i am looking into proextender. I am saying it would be awesome to enhance sex with the help of the natural supplement which comes wih the device…that’s all i a saying.

Franko: LOL you said it! don’t change the girl, hahaha

Anonymous: i love reading testimonials and Proextender site has a bunch, but man I don’t need to be looking at dudes packages, that’s gross!

G: Am all for natural supplements. REview says semenax can increase semen volume by 500%! Craziness.

JASON: so glad to see this option, would love to avoid surgery.

Nick G: Ok, so someone said he wears it for like 4 hours a day, wondering if thats typical with Proextender. Not sure its practical with my job, or can those hours be spread out.

michael: think you gotta do what works for you, but i also think consistency is best for proextender to work.

Dave Samuelson: Seriously it’s good to know i am not the only person on earth with a crooked penis it sure felt like i was when i was growing up. i almost wish i knew about proextender before, would have made dating a lot less stressful.

Kyle: IF this whole proextender system can help enhance sex, am all for it too. Results are permanent right?

dean brown: what are the exercises like?

Clifford: can you get your money back if you are not pleased with proextender? I mean everything i read lead me to think it should do the trick for me as it did for other dudes i read about but just wanna make sure. Cash in tight right now.

Eric: Not sure about that but i know right now proextender is 50% off so it’s a good deal.

zach: ok so here’s my question, what if, you are not in a relationship, can you save the pills until you get bigger and start getting laid or, do you gotta start out with the whole thing all at once for proextender to work good?

Brady: Yo guys, all the info is on the site read through the FAQs and you’ll probably get those questions answered. :)

Anonymous: you gotta EXERCISE with this??

chad: I think the 2 supplements are just bonuses so enhance stuff because i see that the pills only come with the deluxe proExtender package and with the original, the 2 other option you only get the device i think.

Seth Howard: A little exercise never hurt no one. Not sure what its all about but probably can’t be that big a deal. AM willing to do whatever it takes to see some growth.

Justin: My understanding is that it’s not exercises per se but proextender comes with a dvd that shows how to use the device. but maybe you have to do exercises too? i don’t know for sure. I don’t mind either way, this thing has terrific reviews and sounds just liek what i need.

zach: thanks

Tom: Def looks like a quality device, and its good to know there are options when you buy proextender. The deluxe does seem like a good deal, am curious about those pills too.

Anonymous wife: This is gonna be my husband’s gift!! I saw on the history of his computer that he has been looking at Proextender and even posted a question here ;)

ProExtender – Modern and Proven Enlarger

ProExtender is an industry leader in the field of enlargement and can provide a rapid increase in the length and girth of the penis. Described as a “medical miracle,” this device is now available directly to consumers, and is the perfect solution for men who wish to increase penis length and girth, or for those who have a crooked penis that they would like to straighten out. The ProExtender™ System is prescribed by Urologist and Plastic Surgeons in over 26 countries around the world and is allowing many men to get results without the need for surgery.

We found that the Web site posts an extensive amount of research studies and endorsements on the benefits of the device, and also posts an instructional video explaining how to use the ProExtender™. As an added benefit, the site is filled with real life testimonies from men who have used the device and noticed a significant change in penis size. Some people might be skeptical about the merits of wearing a device like the ProExtender™, but there is clearly an abundance of evidence to prove that this device really works. We will take a closer look at this device below to see exactly how men can benefit from using it.

 How The ProExtender™ Traction Device Works
The ProExtender™ is essentially a traction device, similar to others on the market, yet obviously more effective than others since it has been doctor-approved, and is, in fact, prescribed to many patients around the world. The ProExtender™ provides gentle and painless traction to the penis in order to assist the human body’s “natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.” It has been shown that if a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant gentle stretch, the cells will begin to divide and multiply and will therefore increase tissue mass.

We found that use of this device can work to increase both length and girth. Right now there are a number of positive testimonials from men who have seen big gains.

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 The ProExtender™ System in Focus
The ProExtender™ System is a multi-faceted approach to “building a better penis,” as the website states, and it comes with four separate components to help enhance the length and girth of the penis. We have found this system to be remarkable, and is clearly more effective than others on the market.

The first ProExtender™ System component is the penis enlargement device. This is the component that will gradually expand the tissues of the penis to make it larger and longer. The second component is the VisagRelax™ penis enhancement pills, a formula consisting of natural extracts to increase sexual vigor, stamina, pleasure and performance. Men who purchase the ProExtender™ System will receive a 30-day supply of these pills.

The third component offered with ProExtender™ is Semenax™ Volume Increaser Pills. These capsules can help increase the volume of semen ejaculated by as much as 500%, and will also create a corresponding increase in pleasure during orgasm. Finally, the fourth part of the ProExtender™ System is The For Men Only™ – Penis Enlargement Exercise CD. Using this CD can help men improve penis size and overall sexual health, helping to pave the way for a more satisfying sex life.

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 ProExtender Research & Development
Men may have some doubts about how effective using a penis-extending device will be, and with good reason. A lot of imitations exist on the market, and some products are manufactured using cheap materials. With ProExtender™ there is no need to worry; it’s the original.

The product was developed by a penile surgeon named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana of Denmark in 1994, a man who has spent years conducting clinical tests and who has received extensive backing from the medical community. The ProExtender™ system is recommended by physicians in 29 countries around the world, and is used in 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain. The official website posts the research results, which shows an average increase of 1.9mm per week.

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• Medical research posted on Official Website
• Many positive testimonials posted
• Free newsletter available to those seeking “insider sex tips”
• System comes with four different components
• Product comes with a money-back guarantee

• Graphic before and after photos on the website, some men may not feel comfortable viewing all of the testimonials
• Exact exercise techniques are not described in detail

 Final Thoughts
Men all over the world are worried about penis size and how theirs compares to other men. Use of a traction device like the ProExtender™ may be of interest to men who are looking for an alternative approach to increasing penis length and girth, and one that is backed by medical research. We appreciate that purchase of the product comes with additional instructions, information and helpful items, and that it can provide permanent results for men.

We have seen a lot of products that are designed similarly to the ProExtender™, and we have to admit, this product is clearly more effective than its imitators. Not only was the device designed by a penile surgeon, it is backed by an extensive amount of clinical research and is endorsed and prescribed by medical doctors all over the world. Combining the device with herbal enhancers and regular exercises can significantly improve sexual performance as well as penis size. We feel that both men and women will benefit from the increased length and strength of erections.

Currently, men have numerous options when it comes to improving sexual health and function, but not many products compare to this one. This is a method that can truly make a difference in the sex lives of men who use it.

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