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Bathmate is a tool made for men. This product is said to be able to enhance both a man’s erection quality and his ability to perform. The official product website now sells this device directly to customers.

Zialipro – A Natural Enhancement Boost Instantly
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Membrane Integrity Factor – Virility Enhancer
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VisagRelax Plus -- Proven To Boost Libido and Size
The VisagRelax Plus™ supplement may very well be the answer to many men's difficulties in the bedroom, and the reports in the Blogs seem to agree. VisagRelax Plus™ can provide a wealth of sexual benefits to men who may otherwise be struggling with lack of libido and over all size. We like that the VisagRelax Plus™ formula is proven to work and is even wholeheartedly recommend by Dr. Steven Lamm. Unlike other products, VisagRelax Plus features precise blending of the active herbal ingredients, which ensures this product can provide dramatic results without a prescription. The high quality ingredients are what set this supplement aside from other male enhancement products on the market. With VisagRelax Plus we feel you can be confident you are using one of the best natural sexual enhancers out there. Read our review and check out the Blog to see what people are saying about this proven enhancer! Learn More, Read the Full review of VisagRelax Plus here.

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Flex Arms - Stronger, More Toned Arms Now
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107 Responses to “bathmate”

Richard: The Bathmate pump was a total joke. i dont know what I expected but it was difficult not to mention uncomfortable to use and I havent seen any growth. I should have known but you gotta try sometimes, eh?

Marcus: The bathmate was ridiculous time consuming and ineffective. By the time i got done playing rub-a-dub with this thing my girlfriend was asleep.

Matt: I dont think the bathmate is all that bad really. I have had different treatments that were very painful and this is not, merely unpleasant. I do find that I am somewhat stimulated after playing with the pump for a while so it isnt all bad.

sean: I don’t understand how to use the Bathmate. Do you have to be in the tub? That seems inconveneint.

Jack: I was wondering what is the deal with the Bathmate? Are you really supposed to use it in the tub? My wife would wonder what the hell I was doing since I never take baths. Seems weird, but might try depending on responses here…

Troy: Wanted to try something for a bigger penis, those stretching device things scared me though. This seemed easier but it is still pretty uncomfortable. I’ve been using the Bathmate for several months (3.5) and have not seen growth yet. Is it worth usng for longer, anyone?

Robert: Do you use this right before sex or every day or what, I am confused…

Geoff: I had some pellets implanted in my penis when I was younger and I wonder if it is safe to use the bathmate now? This is not very common in the west I know but if anyone has this answer I would appreciate it.

jason: WOuldn’t this still cause bruising to the penis thougn if it is still a vacuum pump?

Harrison: My girlfriend wants to try using the Bathmate on me as kind of foreplay. Is this wise or should I be embarrassed?

Miles: So but does Bathmate do anything for your libido or is just sposed to make your dick bigger?

Thom: No reviews of the Bathmate on Amazon, and looks like they dont even sell it anymore. Not so sure about this, i would like to hear more

bob: Bathmate hurts, ruins spontenaeity by taking so long and the size increase lasted only a couple of minutes. WASTE OF MONEY.

Walter: Seriously, you need to use this in the bath? Every day? I don’t think I have time for this Bathmate. Maybe a pill of some sort is better?

Karl: At least taking a bath was an excuse to use the Bathmate in privacy. My wife gave me some of her bath salts to use and thought I was being more sensitive. product sucks, am no longer using it.

Mitchell: pumps are a bad joke

Derrick: The Bathmate made for an interesting night with my girlfriend. Not sure it is working to make me larger but it was a hot night.

david: i use it in the shower, running the bath takes too long. its a bit of a hassle, yeah, but bathmate still helps me git er done.

Florent: Can you buy it in the US or only in Europe?

Craiggers: It’s king of fun, feel like someone is touching my part. As far as getting bigger it does not work at all. I followed all the steps, even did it for 6 weeks.

Perry: I bought the bathmate but have hesitated to use it. My friend told me that pumps actually reduce your size over time. Not sure if this is urban myth or what. based on what I am reading here I think I might skip it.

Doug: 15 minutes is a long time to pump, my hand gets tired. Anything I should be doing differnt?

eric: Man this sucked (not literally) didn’t work as well as a regular air pump and it took forever. My wife got sick of waiting and used a toy of her own. thumb don

Oscar: Is ithe Bathmate discreet on your credit card bill and in packaging? I dont want to arouse my wifes suspiction. Maybe I would just have it sent to the office?

Dean: I am moving on to herbal supplements.

joe: yeah i was all wrinkley and shriveled once i got done w/the 20 min. bathmate session. it was weird and difficult to use too.

Richard: This is the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever seen. Mostly, all I could do was laugh when I opened the package, reminded me of a turkey baster…tried it, would rather have used it on a chicken, this was totally ridiculous.

Stephan: Not a good one. Didn’t do nothing but leave me feeling raw, before we even got to the sex.

charlie: Bathmate was more or less a total waste. It did cause less bruising but it didnt work half as good as a regular pump.

goodneighbor: So no thanks to the Bathmate for all time. This thing is dangerous, and shouldn’t be used by anyone, ever, I don’t care if you’re only sporting 3 inches. Don’t do it, it hurts and I wasted money.

Ed: Painful as hell!!!!! bathmate does not work!

Eddie: Whut the fuck, i thought this was a good product. Fuck this, this seem to suck almost only negative comments. So im not buying this shit. What should you do instead? Yes buy Yohimbe!

janine: this is effective my boyfriend has been using it just for 3 months gained almost 2 inch. we just fill it up with water and do the pumping on bed evry 3 minutes. i pump it till it reach 200mm. and im so happy to see it that tall. my boyfriend is not complaining of pain.

greg: holy shit you have to repump every 3 minutes? No wonder it didnt work for me. sorry but i dont wanna have to stop and a pump away at my junk like its a flat bicycle tire. more power to you if this is your thing but Bathmate is just too ridiculous & hi-maintenance to me, its a spontaneity KILLER.

ethan: you guys gotta try Zialipro, it *WORKS* no weirdness.

Bryan: Works great! I only pump it 2-3 times over the whole 15 mins of use. Gained 1.5 inches in 6 months of use. Stamina is up as well. Not sure what others are complaining about. Works great and i have tried many other pumps over the years.

Nicolas: Too much of a headache that bathmate. I regret the day I opened that spam read about it and ordered it. Next time I’ll check the reviews and ratings first.

James: Lucky man Bryan! I wish bathmate worked as well for me. I am in 5th month so I consider myself patient, especially considering tat whole experience is extremely awkward and that my have not gain any length or anything for that matter. Just a pure wast of money and time. Pretty much just jacking off which I could have done for free.

Larry: Must be some users if in fact they did try it. I suffered from ED, lack of control, and no feeling to speak of. 4 days of use and I was amazed to find sex was great again. Simply putting some pressure and waiting 5 min. to give it more was not difficult. The result of a 30 min. bath was worth a rating of 100% I’m 66 and doing better than 15 years ago.

Andy: I think the Bathmate is great and do not understand why some people say it doesnt work unless they are not using correctly.

Fusion: This product does work. At first I found it uncomfortable and it hurt. I didnt use it for a month biut then tried again 5 weeks ago. I have been seeing steady gains every week, more than when I was just Jelquing alone. If you combine the 2 and use it as per instructions AND perceiver you will be happy! I dont know why people are pumping before they have sex a this is not what this device is mad for. I use it in the shower for 15 minutes an jelque before and after….am very happy with results so far!!!!

mick91: K, well. I was NOT looking for a male sex toy, just something for natural enhancement. Man, I felt like a fool – or a woman!- when i got this bathmate. It’s like the male version of a dildo, a reverse dildo! no thx not for me.

Terry: The bathmate worked great for me. I have been using it for ED and of course some size is a benefit. I have noticed a difference with both and I am a happy user.

james: i dunno, the Bathmate just didn’t work for me. I sure wish I’d read some of these other comments first.

Swede: I’ve been using bathmate for 6 weeks and noticed that my dick got 0.7 cm larger (or so I thought) Then I took a break for a month and restarted for additional 5 weeks. I noticed my dick did not get bigger. I used it for 15 minutes per day, sometimes I skiped a session maybe 3 sessions i five weeks. when i was done with totally 11 weeks i messure dmy dick again and noticed it was back on normal size. So everything I did was a waste. I really tried hard to understand this crap of a product. I asked for help from their site, and followed the instructions. I hope those who are responsible for thir sh*tty product burn in h*ll, cause I have wasted totaly 11 * 7 * 15 = 1155 minutes = 19 hours

unhappycustomer: i spent many months using bathmate. 4 months to be exact. the only kind of growth i’ve seen in thatperiod of time is in girth and IT WAS ONLY HALF AN INCH!!!!! i cannot believe it. and they say its comfortable.. NOTTTT!!!! it suctions to your penis of course but also your stomach part if you will and it hurts to unless you position it PERFECTLY, its an awkward and hurtfull shower…

mezwingly: i haven’t yet tried it but am willing to just to see gain. i will tell you how it turns out

Mrhappy: I used this product and saw instant improvement in size and thickness within the first few weeks of use. I just used it every time I showered just left it on as i put on shampoo etc. I never found it necessary to use right before sex my penis retained it size as long as i used it daily. I never told my wife that i was using the product..although she did begin to notice that it was getting bigger and commented that she was feeling more pleasure due to the increase in thickness. My recommendation is don’t go to full suction right away cuz you will feel pain. When i first started using it i did it for 5min and only did a few pumps. Doing it this way actually gave it a pleasurable bathing experience in fact i couldn’t wait till i next showered.

eyeroller: after reading some of these comments i have to laugh. First. you need to use this product correctly. just putting it on and pumping once will do nothing! you must continue pumping to maintain the suction and keep blood flowing. Also, you don’t HAVE to take a bath to use it. If your dick is smaller taking a shower is a bit more difficult but with a bigger dick it can support the bathmate much better than a smaller dick. After a week of using this product i am already noticing a size difference. However, this product may not work for EVERYONE, but if you use it correctly, i.e for reasons besides right before sex, you may benefit more.

handbanana: The bathmate is pretty much like working out (working out for your c*ck lol). So it is easy to see how alittle more than half the people hate it and some like it (think of how many people own home exercise equipment and don’t use it). I have made gains off it, but that is only because I am willing to use it.

Jake8484: It is not a toy. I would not use this for foreplay or anything else. Once a day in the shower for 10-20 min. I get worked up to about 80% hard, fill with water, slowly pump down till it is fully compressed. I have used this for a week and a half, already seeing slight gains.. I have had other pumps and manual exercise. It takes some getting used to but it acts as hanging weights and a vacuum pump. Just use it in the shower. I wouldn’t use this right before sex, I use this as a growth tool in the morning, leave it alone for a few hours for it to recover. I believe it to be a great product IF you are experienced in PE and use it correctly.

Express66: I love my bathmate. I know it won’t do what it claims to do but what it does do is bring fresh, oxygenated blood into the penis while bathing or showering. I use distilled water (so the mechanism does not get destroyed by minerals in my well water) and a water based sealant like you can buy at Augusta Medical for their vacuum devices. This keeps the vacuum consistent for the 15-20 minutes you are using it. I shower, shave, dry off, etc. until 15-20 minutes are up, then release the vacuum, clean and dry the Bathmate and put it away for the next use. For anyone with varying degrees of ED, it is very good, maybe not a cure-all but it does the job of infusing your johnson with fresh blood. Who knows, with daily use, maybe it will make it so blood flows into the penis easier by increasing the size of the arteries and veins within it. I think it is both a well engineered and built unit as well as reasonable in cost. The hype is B.S. but I knew that going in, before I bought it.

rhino9: Not sure if everyone on here has even tried the bathmate before making a response. I have used a regular pump and I find the results to with the bathmate to be compareable. Not sure any pump will give you permante results but I use it to give a little extra everynow and then so for that it definatly was as advertised. I typically have baths so its not that much trouble and finally after a 15 min session no brusing and no donut. Typically I get a donut with a reg. pump. So far I am impressed with the pump but will keep you updated on results.

johnny: First I have to ask did anyone recieve a starter disc or booklet cause i dont know how to use it and my bathmate only came with “how to clean instructions” and a alot of warning instructions on how not to use it, so what i did is put water in it and stick my little penis inside the tub and just start pushing it against my body and nothing, no suction and i looked on youtube for “how to use the bathmate” you see a crappy animation of it. So i went to go call the support center off the website and they are only open monday-friday and i have to leave my name,email,transaction #, and comments just to learn how to operate a device i spent over $100 on, makes no sense they should have included a instructional CD so I am VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED. Can anyone make a educational video on youtube so all of us that purchased the bathmate know how to use it PLEASE , thanks !

toppo: i have used it for 7 weeks now, ni results so far…

dick: I have been using it for a month it just keeps growing!

michael: I f you use it correctly youll start seeing the instant results!But you must continue using it i couldnt believe at first how fat i became but it works from my experience!

MrThickyDick: As a former Marine, I had to laugh at these wusses that complain of a little pain. Pain is GOOD! Without it, you’re dead! Seriously…nothing worth having comes easy. I’ve had the Bathmate for over a year, and even though I haven’t been using it steady (due to work and sleep schedules getting tossed about), I can tell you that it does work. I don’t do baths either as I don’t have the time, nor is it that comfortable for me. I typically stroke the old boy up a bit, just for some length, and dip him into the Bathmate full of water. I press the unit to my pubis using both hands and keep doing so until I’m unable to get much water out. Wait about five minutes and do it again…and repeat. For those of you who don’t understand why, its simple. More blood in your pecker means less vaccuum in the Bathmate. Those 5 min intervals mean the vaccuum is drawing more blood into your member. 15 min is all I can take as I go high pressure the full time. Much more and I get a build up of lymphatic fluid that makes it look alien…but has always gone away in a few hours. I don’t have any measurements, but I will tell you the wife says I’m thicker, which after 5 kids makes me feel like that’s a seriously good thing. Another result is that I get harder erections. This is NOT a sex toy…not to be used to get you up and ready for the missus/gf…or whomever. It’s for Membrane Integrity Factor of penis health, and has the side benefit of making it thicker, and possibly longer. Coupling it with a jelquing routine or some other form of stretching exercise will only compound the benefits.

itworkswell: I have been using the Bathmate for four days…consistently. I can tell you this – it works. Now, the results after any pumping is obvious…it’s swollen…like a horse cock. But day-by-day, it gets erect faster and stays harder longer…and is slightly bigger (girth) than the day before. I have found that building up an intense vacuum with an erect penis is better. Let is hang there for five or ten minutes – then start pulling up on the tube, then push it down again, then repeat…even if no more water comes out. This back and forth motion made a huge difference the last two times. I am about 6.5″ erect normally, and 5.25″ in circumference. After using the Bathmate, I am immediately at 7″ and 6.5″, respectively. I can maintain an erection (with a little assistance) and even had sex with my wife afterwards. She loved it…and I loved it. It felt solid and heavy the entire time. Long term effects? Not sure now – but the short term effects are great. Let’s hope I have more good news to share as permanent growth happens!

magnus from iceland: if anyone could help me here… i have been using bathmate for a few months now and have not had any changes in that time, even if i use it almost every day and also… after using it I always have these black, red or blue d*ts on my penis. They go away eventually but it looks really bad, does this happen to anyone else or something similiar ?

jackbauer: just got my bathmate in the mail and I am on day 2. I have obviously not seen any visible growth, but my stamina has increased hugely. Has made a HUGE difference in my performance, hopefully it can do the same with size!

Rassamdul: Have any of you actually know how to use it?? its not for before sex! its to the bath. You not just pump you dork! you pump, so there is water vacuum*? and then you shower. wait 15 minutes and do that in 6 weeks. visit their homepage ffs.

itsnotthatbad: I wonder if you guys are using this Bathmate correctly… I’ve had it for a week and its pretty good already… Read the instructions correctly dudes

Russ: I ordered the Bathmate January ‘09 and immediately started using it — CORRECTLY, I might add! Considering I often take baths, it was no big deal starting off in the tub. However, when showering just fill the device up with water and put your ERECT penis inside. Then pump out as much water as you can. Repeat pumping every 5 mins for a total of 15-30 mins, 4-6 days per week. Remember, this is a work-out device for your penis — kinda like dumbbells are for your arms. I WORKOUT 4 days in the evening and alternate using the Bathmate in the morning on WORKOUT DAYS and at night on 1 of my non-WORKOUT days. Proper rest and dieting is essential in any exercise regimen, especially for optimal results! Guys, if you don’t workout regularly, then atleast do some squats and stretches on the days that you use your Bathmate. You will definitely see some results within 4-6 weeks! After 6 months of using this device as described above, my size increased from 6.5″ to 8.25″ length, with a massive increase in girth as well. During my 7th month of using Bathmate, I added the Power Jelqing device to my exercise regimen for more stretching and my gains started to increase even more. You can jelq manually, but I recommend you not to start jelqing until you’ve used Bathmate for atleast 4-6 months! Your gains in GIRTH with be MUCH better with the Bathmate for 6 months and then adding jelqing along with it for another 6 months. It’s now January 2010 and I can proudly say that 2009 was my BEST YEAR EVER!!! I am now sporting a 9.75″ penis that’s very veiny (NOT spongy) and massive to say the least! Commitment, dieting, and rest is the key to my 3+” gain within ONE YEAR! However, the Bathmate is the BEST exercise-equipment for your penis without a doubt!

itworkforme: I am using bathmate for a month now and it works great specialy in girth iam very happy i see gains every week.I maybe understand the complains i think it doesnt work on all penisses there are 2 types of penisses the meat penis thats the penis that not grows al lot in erection and the ohter penis the erection penis starts small but grows a lot in erection for this kind of penisses its works best thats my opinion.I using it 2days and 1 day break 2days and so on..i did not tell my girl iam using bathmate but i can tell she enjoys it she screams harder and she asking me to take it easy cause it hurts sometimes so thats my prove see it youre self try it good luck..

FastMover: I am amazed by the negative comments. This is a GREAT prodct that really works!! More comfortable than ANY air vacuum device. Easy to use in the shower with a few pumps to get the vacuum going. Then, if you don’t normally take a 15-20 min shower, step out and rest it on the sink while you shave. Pump as necessary to maintain the desired pressure. Sure there is some mild discomfort when you first use it, but I kept it to 4-5 minute sessions for the first few days then gradually increase the vacuum and the time. Think of it like this, if you were hanging weights on your dick, you wouldn’t start with a 40 lb disc. As mentioned above, if you are in pain, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Start easy and you’ll find it feels good and becomes at least for me a pleasurable experience. The immediate increase in girth comes quickly, for me in the first few weeks; length increase is definitely there also but more gradual. The best news is the much firmer erections and definitely better orgasms. This is the BEST dick workout ever!!

Strange: This is wierd.. this starts off with bad ratings and ends with all positive responses. Like some reseller found this site and wanted to balance the score for this device. Rhino9 can you post your latest findings?

Jason: So far, so good. Took a couple times to get use to it but it works great! Only been a week and I have seen a nice gain in thickness. Cant want to extend the length

Jason: The bathmate has made me thicker. This is my second week and I can tell the difference already. I love it. Will continue to use it every other day for 6 months.

Deez: I really don’t know what to say but maybe it does not work for everyone. I when I 1st purchased was excited to use this but if not used correctly you will experience more pain than you should. At first I was like they got me this piece of Sh** does nothing. I then researched forums I realized I was trying to walk before I crawled & was using this device totally wrong. I agree with the post above 5 min intervals up to 15-20 mins (Pumping every 5 mins). I use it 3-4 days a week giving my member a day to rest… My girl most definitely can’t get enough… It works….

john: Some say that it dos not work as well as other pumps. the differents is that not only the bloodvesels expant butt the erective tissue expans. because of the water in the pump you whil get a more saver pressure. I have it for some weeks now and i do see a diverens in size. sorry for my english i am from europe

Andy: BathMate may not work for everyone, but it really works for me. I’ve been using the BathMate for over a month, not every day but probably average 5-6 times a week. Starting at about 5 minutes per session and working up to the full 20 minutes after 2 weeks. I haven’t used it in the bath because I usually shower. But it works great in the shower and afterwards while shaving (like the comments above) which makes the 20 min session fly by; just pump in the sink occasionally to maintain or increase pressure. Bottom line, it not works GREAT, but it feels good pulling that extra blood volume into my penis. I am longer and definitely thicker. I haven’t measured yet, but I know I’m go farther up the tube and fill it out more with each session. More blood in the penis has equated to much firmer erections and a better more sensitive dick. Bathmate makes me look forward to the shower.

Agust: I really love the bathmate, it made all the difference for me and I finally found the penis enlarger that worked after spending too much time with extenders that where bullox.

Jerry: what the fu** is happening here? Someone that can give a freaking straight answer ? YES it works NO it does not ! buy it or not? hope ur not from the bathmate company and the answers are not fake sh**

Briggsy: I have been using the bathmate now for almost 3 years and those people that say it doesnt work must not be usuing it correctly. Having tried hand pumps before as well as stretching devices I can catagorically state that this is the best equipment in my experience for PE. I also combine my work out with jelques and have gained over 3 inch giving me a fat 9 inch cock at the ready!!! Cant wait for the Golliath version as now I’m touching the end and sides when at full vaccumm.

eb: i have been using the bathmate for 1 month. It becomes thicker but now my penis is also very dark after using the bathmate, can i use anything to get the right colour back? ps my english is not so good

Big: I’ve been using it for a week and it seems to be doing what it’s supposed to. It’s meant for long term use to see result. Using it once or twice every so often isn’t going to do anything but engorge your dick for a few minutes. This is for patient dudes that can use it correctly. I’ve been using it every day for 5 days but am going to start using it every other day to let my dick rest. My dick has become a little darker also. I don’t know how to change that, but maybe it will return to normal color when I stop using the bathmate when I reach my goal.

growing: not fake, bought the thing after lots of surfing. just had to try. Yeah, the little one looks better/bigger after use. will it stay like that one day? sure hope so. used it only 2 weeks or so,started slowly just to get used to it. Never pumped before. some of the pumpin hearts, bad placement of the pump. Now instead of pumpin, afer some initial pumpin and fitting and warming up,i pretend to be f*cking the device, short pushes in the end get it streched comfortably, expelling small shots of water as you fuck. just stop and refit if it “hurts” a bit to much and refuck it. looking forwards to each shower now, and hope i will get permanent results sometime.

bath: can someone help me please? do u use bathmate with vaseline or something? my penis is touching the wall inside every time…can somebody give me a tip pls! thx

Stevie: The guys that are saying it does not work cannot be using it correctly. I started using it in the shower and I get a stiffy put it in the end and fill the Bathmate with water until it is spilling out over the edges then push it on quickly and firmly and if you raise the end up you can see if there is any air in it. I can now do it so there are only a few tiny bubbles when raised. Every 5 minutes give it another pump and if you think it’s painful then you are a softy! I cannot keep it on for longer than 15 mins as I get big lumpy bits if I keep it on for 20 mins and I can’t do it more than once a day five times a week. When I take it off I can see it is quite a lot thicker and this goes down a during the day. It has made mine thicker but not much longer but I have only been using it for about 3 months but so far the results are I have a thick cock and it has made it harder when it is proper stiff! Used properly IT DOES WORK. No pain no gain.

Anonymous: this review started off with one negative comment after another and then its ended with one poisitve comment after another. dont be fooled someone in the bathmate company or whatever obviously wants to even the score out. and by the looks of the comments he wants you to think all the people that say it did not work were using it wrong. i had bathmate for 1 month and it did not work at all. I was using it correctly to the point of pain (fully pumped)every few minutes pumping again and again and i got nothing….. but it was only 1 month. so maby it does work in the long run. but the negative comments that started on this page make me seem to think otherwise

random woman: First I want to say that I am not from bathmate. My boyfriend started using bathmate i felt mixed emotions at first. I do notice some difference in length and definitely a difference in girth. But i still prefer his penis unpumped. Some of you are saying that your penis is harder after pumping and is erect longer. I definitely agree that his stamina is up, but i don’t have all day to have sex, so if that’s what you’re looking for get it. As for harder i don’t agree. I still feel like his penis is harder unpumped and a little on the still soft when hard after pumped. I still gave this product a thumbs up even though i don’t seem very enthused because above all my boyfriend loves it. He’s happier, more excited to have sex, and wants to show off all the time, and his excitement makes me happy. If his penis was more rock hard after he pumped i would enjoy it alot more. so, no one has really explicitly stated if the changes are permanete or not. are they? and are there any down sides? i feel like his balls are smaller for some reason…anyone else experience this?

Clifford: I bought the bathmate to try and help stop the increasing curvature my penis was experiencing over time. To make a long story short, the bathmate made it much w*rse than it was before. When erect, my penis is now bent to a 90 degree angle or w*rse. I wasted my money and dama*ed myself to a greater degree than I was before. Do not take a chance, just be happy with what you have and do not be a sucker for a con job.

HappyUser: I was just curious about this item and bought it via internet-sale. I’m using Bathmate for a little week now (20min/day) and i notice som changes allready; Penis is getting more sensitive and the girth and length also increase a little. Glance is also growing and getting bigger. I am quite happy with this purchase and i think within 2 to 4 moths i have to upgrade to the Bathmate

boy: I have been using Bathmate for two years including half a year break, so one and a half year. The gain is about 1,5 inches and the hard-on is better. I don’t use it before sex – just for workouts. For me it works. For others i should say that don’t wait for miracles in few weeks or so.

emanon: i use bathmate for a week and it works. just be patience. if u go to a gym u don’t get muscles in 1 or 2 weeks! in one week i saw something nice :)

Patience!!: Guys do not use this as a right before sex thing!! Growing takes time and patience!! I have added 1.5 inches in 18mo.!! Bathmate works for those willing to PUT IN THE TIME!! It took 6mo. 20 EVERYDAY!! to gain a 1/4 in girth! and NO length gain whatso ever! Go to Matters of Size to really LEARN how to gain size! Use BathMate everyday in a routine, I hook up in the shower, then shower, shave, brush my teeth, do my hair, deodorant. OH look 20mns gone! time to take it off. Dont look for the 3inches in 10 days CRAP! You will see results guys, your women will notice as well SLOWLY!

Josh_08: Recently purchashed this product it should arrive within the next 2 days. Am planning to use both the X4labs extender and this product to maximize my gains. I’m hoping it’s not a scam but i’ll keep posting to verify.

Tom: It sucks and it is d*ngerous How can you say thats it is s*fe to use? My dick is already three weeks discolor*d from the ring is my dick p*rple it looks horrible I only used it for 4 weeks I am considering to s*e the manufacturer Regards Tom

bravo: i have been using bathmate for a while and i love the results. the only thing i hate is that my penis keeps getting da*ker. is that permanent??? anyone pls help

Maximax: Yo I love my bathmate. It was the best investment ever. But I got to admit I had a nice size penius when I started to use it and saw great results in a couple days. It’s a workout so if your not used to PE exercises take it slow. Position it dead center and pump lay back and relax half way through you can pump some more. It’s easy to use and inexpensive. Baths are relaxing come there’s no magic here it just has to be done. Showers are a bit more uncomfortable for long sessions.

starter: look i have been using the bathmate for 3days now and i can say that i have seen gains afterward just as many persons here.we are all hoping for permanent gains and i will certainly be posting again.please if you never tried it do not comment.do not be ignorant.

tazmania: bathmate is superb. used for over a year and had good gains and all feels better than ever with each session. just use for 5 minutes in the shower now and again. anyone who doesnt like it isnt using it right.

zz: Hey guys hope this helps. At first i had a hard time getting the good suction going Then i trimmed some pubes and started lubing up my penis and the area where the base of the bathmate will connect with the body with some organic hair conditioner that happened to be in the bathroom at the time. I wet the area then n I did some strong pumping and she stuck. Im having great results. If this worked for me it should for you. I go in with an erection and sometimes flacid. Keep the faith.

Dax: Customer support is non responsive nor non existent…left numerous massages and sent many emails neither were responded to…do not purchase product money back guarantee a lie…

Anonymous: It works. Be consistent, stop whining about the “pain”

Another Unsatisfied Customer: The Bathmate is utter garbage. Inconvenient to use when it *does* work. Stick to the classic air pump. I’m sorry I wasted my money on this. Those people on the Matter Of Size forum should be ashamed for pushing this the way they do!

Tito: I just got the bathmate the other day. Its only been 2 days and I diffinetly see girth increase. Yea it’s a temp, but like some people said, u have to be consistent.

muckie: Did you know that there are FAKES out there. you must make sure you get the rea deal.check out some videos on youtube about fake bathmates.

derrick: i tried it for the first time it works but it doesnt get huge like it is hyped up to do i will post on it after i have used it for awhile

SoFarSoGood: Almost on my 3rd week and the only regret about this purchase was why didnt i bought this product sooner!!!! I guess we all have different outcomes from this device. I see it as genetics; put it this way, everyone from my fam has small calves and ive been trying to get them big by working them out 5 days a week for the last year but they wont fuking grow!! Lol thats how i see it maybe you have bad penis genetics and thats the reason why some of yall cant grow your buddy. Im glad to say that it seems like its working for me and cant wait to refuck the chicks when i was only 5.5″ and introduce them to my new johnson. For those that are trying it out for the first time follow the instructions cuz ive seen unpleasant pics when they overuse it. Dont forget to redo the process every 5 mins till you get to 15-20 minutes tops!!!!

savemoney: Look up “water buddy” on ebay, same thing much cheaper..

Chas03: I don’t understand all of the negative comments either. I used the hercules for 3 weeks and my girth increased so I had to buy the Goliath. When I first started my length would stretch to 170mm and now with the goliath I’m stretching to over 200mm. I actually enjoy my sessions. In fact I will even get two 30 minute sessions in some days. My only obstacle is my wife thinks it’s weird when I’m doing my pumps, but she loves the girth. I can only guess the negative comments r from people who r lying and didn’t even try it or didn’t do it correctly. These products r awesome. I tried extenze, vig rx plus, and am now trying vimax. I used extenze for a year which did nothing and I used vig rx plus for 6 months and noticed nearly 1 inch. I’m in my 4th month of vimax and haven’t noticed much, but I’m still hopeful. My first pump with the Hercules I gained an inch in length and 20% increase in girth, and I’ve been using it everyday since. Even if it’s temporary, why wouldn’t you spend 20 minutes to get huge c*ck for 24 hrs. I know the manufacturer says the results will b more permanent with regular use, which I hope is true, but I look like freaking monster porn star after 30 minutes with thing and it last for about 12 hours. People spend 60 bucks a month gym memberships that they don’t use and if they did, it takes an hour and a half 5 days a week, 12 months a year to stay lean and muscular. I hope this gives some people a different point of view. If you’re thinking about getting one of these bathmates all I can say is I decided to give it a try and know it’s the best penis enlarger I’ve ever used. If you want to keep your average c*ck and DON’T want a monster c*ck, then don’t try it. It’s as simple as that.

frazzle: looks like it could be cool but i dunno, still seems like a lot of mixed feeling sabout BAthmate. the proExtender kinda looks more popular, i mihgt go for that one instead.

Like it: Gotta say I really like this product. I’ve been using it for about two and a half weeks now and I can definitely see a difference in flaccid size. At first the growth only lasted for a few hours (which was still pretty cool), but the more I use it the longer it seems to last. I find it pretty fun to use too. It’s more or less painless. If it feels bad you just need to release the pressure and readjust. Pain for me has just meant it wasn’t positioned quite right. Used properly, 15 to 20 minutes can be done painlessly with no bruising.

from experience: havent tried it yet but i do wanna point out real quick that i’ve tried all types of hand pumps n etc.. like most !! but in my experience with hand pumps i got all my gains when using it in water. creating the suction under water is a different pull on u then the air pressure from hand pumping.. which is why i’m excited by this product n my wife knows i want it now n will repost when i receive mines.. hopefully bathmate will work

wannabigone: I can tell you that if you use this and follow the instructions you will see a gain the first time you use it. My mid shaft girth increased .25 of an inch the 1st day and base girth a whopping .75″ Read the manual it tells you to suction and release several times during the 15-20 min session this opens and contracts the blood cells letting more blood in. I cant wait to see the results in the coming weeks.


Bathmate is advertised as America’s number one penis pump. This product promises to bring users a plethora of benefits, including gains in size. Regular use of this pump is said to provide men with longer staying power and more stamina. Ultimately, the end result of using a Bathmate should be increased confidence and increased capabilities in the bedroom. We will take a closer look at this product below to see how it is meant to provide such results.

This product is aptly named, as it is meant to be used in the bath. The warm water, according to the company, is meant to relax the muscles of the penis and the water is also meant to enhance the pumping motions. The company notes that initial sessions with the Bathmate should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes within a 24 hour period, but after even one session, the company claims that results will be seen.

One of the main advertised benefits for this product is the enhanced ability of generating firmer, harder erections that last longer. Such benefits are said to be possible just 15 minutes after use of the Bathmate, and the company notes that most men are likely to experience more intense climaxes as well.

This product is advertised as safe and easy to use. The company does promise that the pumping motions will not cause any pain or discomfort, and since it takes place in the bath, they say that some men even find it relaxing.

One kit of the Bathmate now sells for $120 and can be purchased via the official product website. This price does reflect a slight discount, and the company does state that all orders come with a money back guarantee.

 Final Facts
The makers of the Bathmate do advertise it as an effective way to address male impotence or dysfunction problems. They claim that they the penis pump will strengthen the inner chambers of the penis and allow blood to flow more freely and abundantly into the penis shaft. Using a Penis Pump is said to appeal to some men, and those men interested in giving this product a try can learn more about it on the product website.